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-2nd October 2011, 13:42

im an 18 year old female foilest trying to ger her way up the ranks.
i currently fence min of 2 nights a week and have a 2 10/15 min lessons and a 30 min lesson a week.
i also practise alone for about 2 hourse a week (accuracy etc)

but my overall fitness is awful, i really need to increase my endurance and stamina and was just wondering how i can do that.

Any help will be gladly recieved,

S&C Guy
-2nd October 2011, 20:13

As i've discussed in other threads on here, the best way to improve your 'fencing fitness' is to fence regularly! This is quite simply the fastest way for you to get to a level of fitness required for fencing. If lessons are not always possible, or you would rather spend lessons getting technique coached rather than 'sparring' at comp speed then thats understandable, however you can perform footwork drills in your own time at match speed with the usual breaks for hits or the end of rounds to replicate the demands of your sport. Doing some of this on your non-dominant side is also a great way of getting some work done without constantly overworking the front leg.

Beyond that if your fitness is very low and you need to build a basic level in order to cope with training demands you could include rope skipping as your next best alternative. Running/cycling/swimming are not going to help you much on the piste, especially when compared to the amount of time it takes to perform these activities in a way that produces a training effect. Some fencers include sprint intervals in their training as it won't negatively affect their speed and explosiveness on the piste, but i would caution fencers about sprint training. Sprinting puts a large demand on the hamstrings and fencers tend to have weak hamstrings, you have to be carefull therefore to not risk injury when performing them, by ensuring you have strengthened them sufficiently and you build into a sprint program slowly.

Hope this helps, any more questions though, fire them over!!!


Matt Filroy
-16th July 2012, 23:55
Get some good cardio and strength training in....but mostly focus on fencing..just practice practice practice!