View Full Version : The Society for the Protection of Esther (SPE)

-5th May 2003, 19:27
It has come to my attention that we need to found such a society in order to keep the forum's and UK fencing's most prized asset, Esther, safe from brutal verbal - and possibly physical - onslaughts.

I hereby appoint myself Pie Eater in Chief and President of the Society for the Protection of Esther.

Our job will be to kidnap the pets of any person who abuses Esther. We may also burn possessions of sentimental value. (Yes this is legal, in Canada).

(Anybody who wants to be a member should PM or email me)

-5th May 2003, 19:35
A Society for the Protection of Esther. What is this crazy world coming to. We'll have to take our brutal verbal - (and not quite yet physical )- onslaughts undergroung.

-5th May 2003, 19:41
Ahhh, too slow. I made that comment ages ago!!

-5th May 2003, 19:53
Spoilsport :(

-6th May 2003, 06:58
About time too. i need protecting! lol.

-6th May 2003, 07:11
Who do you need protecting from?

-6th May 2003, 07:23
Me if people write personal stuff.
:moon: :moon: :moon: :moon:


-6th May 2003, 16:54
I plan to make T Shirts this summer.

-6th May 2003, 16:59
t-shirts of what?

-6th May 2003, 17:05
if you add a W on to the end of SPE = SPEW it would be just like out of harry potter!!!

-6th May 2003, 17:06
oooo im soooooo sad - pretend i never said that!

-6th May 2003, 17:54
if we had a protection against esther there would be noone to pick on. and also she would get realy lonely cus the only reason ppl talk to her is to take the mick:grin:

-6th May 2003, 18:15
people talk to Esther about everything:
in fact from what i hear she's the goss queen,
she knows about everyone's goings on!
I'm sure we could all find someone else to pick on
e.g. the person above this messaage sounds like
he is a little to confident maybe people should start picking on him..........

-6th May 2003, 19:10
It wouldn't be as much fun winding james up though.

-6th May 2003, 19:25
Just noticed a photo in the recent Sword though. Thats gotta be enough for a wind up!!

-6th May 2003, 19:32
Not getting sword sent out here if anyone can scan it and fells like posting it (like james did to esther) or sending it to me private, i could do with a laugh

-6th May 2003, 19:40


(Or else)

Btw look out for me at Essex, I hope to have the Tshirts by then.

-8th May 2003, 21:01
I would but I might get in trouble with Kenny. And seeing as I've never met James it might not be very nice.

-8th May 2003, 21:17
whos james? woo im confused. totally lost me :rolleyes:

-8th May 2003, 21:59
another foilist esther???? ;)

-8th May 2003, 23:58
Come on Esther keep up with the thread.
just read it backand it'll make sence.

-9th May 2003, 07:03
oooo your talking about having swords sent out? maybe? maybe not? shh its not my fault!!! lol you wish.

-10th May 2003, 11:21
Originally posted by Mischa


(Or else)

Btw look out for me at Essex, I hope to have the Tshirts by then.

Calm down calm down (as the scouser said!) we were talking about a photo of jamesthornton.

And Esther, if you post messages like that people will comment on your hair colour :)

-10th May 2003, 11:59
aww thanks! hey it wasnt my fault, i dont read them that often and then i got lost :(

-10th May 2003, 18:53
Don't worry love, we understand and make allowances for it :grin:

-10th May 2003, 21:34
I noticed that sarcasm.

This will not do. I know where your pets live. They can't hide from me.

-11th May 2003, 17:01
But i'll give it a dame good go. RUN AWAY :grin:

-14th May 2003, 19:18
Here's an update:

Esther took her first of four Latin exams. We hope it went well.

Not much else to report atm.

-14th May 2003, 19:33
so let me get this straight.....

you want to protect Esther....

FROM WHO????? i thought everyone loved her

she needs protecting from her own blondness more than anything coz if she gets any more dappy she will forget how to fence amongst other things....
NOTE i mean this in the nicest possible way Esther

Hope the Exams are going well for evry1 who has them at the mo

-14th May 2003, 19:54
yes we all love esther. But life would be so dull if she stoped having blonde moments :grin:

-16th May 2003, 19:55
Not heard much from Esther for a day or two. Do you think we scarred her off or is she concentrating on her exams. (unlike some people :grin: )

-16th May 2003, 20:10
I hope that's not aimed at me!!!! :grin:

-16th May 2003, 20:13
What make you think it's aimed at you? I'm sure your revising all the time your not on here :grin:

-16th May 2003, 20:29
Ummmn, yeah.....

That's exactly what I do.:confused:

Especially if any of my teachers are reading! (you know who you are!!!)

-17th May 2003, 10:23
nope im here, just been busy, thats all....nice to know that some people missed me! lol. hellphire - everybody loves me, but some people (who shall remain anomous) are nasty to me in the nicest possible way! p.s. im sooooooooooo not dappy!
its the isle of wight this weekend, and i have to get up at 4:45 tomorrow morning. arghhhhhhhhhhh not nice!

-17th May 2003, 12:42
Well enjoy the weekend Esther, wish i could be there, it was a great wekend last year ;)
Let us know how everone dose, specilly any of the Combined Services that turn up. Could you find out if they got the epee plate back ok for me PLEASE.

-17th May 2003, 14:58
yeah with all your line dancing going on there and your cowboy hats! ok will do, i'll ask tomorrow morning :( ooo sooo early!!! who do you think will be going? wonder if there will be anymore funny stories about a certain person (part of the combined services) and her 'dad' hehehe o that was funny.....is she going this year? i didnt use any names just incase i got yelled at :tongue: but hopefully hudson you know what im rambling about....:confused:

-17th May 2003, 16:27
Don't know who's going this year a bit out of touch at the moment. You shouldn't make fun of people because of a slight age gap.

-17th May 2003, 16:37
hey i wasnt doing anything like that.....i was just remembering the way that story was told to me by someone else...thats all, and the way they put it, it was rather hilarious. sorry if i sounded rude at all.

-17th May 2003, 16:41
well it was more than likely me that told you in the first place anyway so i can't say anything really

-17th May 2003, 19:03
Hmmm mysterious gossip. The rest of us just love reading conversations like that, honest:grin:

-17th May 2003, 20:01
hehehe true true!!! of course you do! it leaves you all in suspense! :tongue:

-18th May 2003, 10:57
blonde little angel???? Not from what I've heard over the last month or so.

-18th May 2003, 17:21
we''l just keep it as our secret love.

-22nd May 2003, 09:59
right well im at home at the mo revising 10 poems (yeah yeah 10 poems but one is actually like 84 lines long! no joke) for the second out of four latin exams tomorrow! fun fun fun. mmm me feels not.

-22nd May 2003, 11:02
I dont know why everyone picks on you esther. You line them up at the nationals for me and will slap all the meanies that are being cruel to you.

The protection racket starts here people. Leave the dumb blonde girl alone!


-1st June 2003, 15:51
Originally posted by harry
The protection racket starts here people. Leave the dumb blonde girl alone!


don't say that, she'll want to know what sport you play with a protection racket :grin: