View Full Version : Help I am trying to research some old results

-5th October 2011, 11:03
If any body could please make suggestions on where to look on line for information I would be very grateful. I am trying to collate results, names etc (nerdy stuff) from competitions in recent history, back as far as the 70`s.

Video footage, team members , results fencers present etc,

many thanks

-5th October 2011, 12:34
Some of this information will be on fencingarchive.net (http://fencingarchive.net) but only back to the 90's.


-6th October 2011, 12:23
Thanks for that Mattc. However I am looking for lists of competitors in the early 80s in particular

Foilling Around
-6th October 2011, 16:43
I have copies of the Sword going back to 1986 if that helps you?

-6th October 2011, 22:53
thanks Paul i was thinking international results and the worlds in Rome

-7th October 2011, 12:33
The FIE website has World Championship results going back to 1957.