View Full Version : Ok, Lent Sucks!!!!!!!!

-27th February 2004, 10:10
ok, this Lent thing isnt going too well at all!!!!!! ive now broken da no offtarget and flat hits in fencing so now my resolution is to carry on no glue sniffing and to do my best to move up a pool in our foil league!!!!!!!!!! if that doesnt work ill resolve to making a resolution not 2 make a resolution-ive done that the last couple of yrs!!!!!!!!!

-3rd March 2004, 07:28
If you got a lesson with Redhead that would help no end, I know, I did.

-3rd March 2004, 07:30
Even bumblebee gets offtarget hits, so not getting them is a bit unrealistic!!!

-3rd March 2004, 10:06
yea but within 10 secs of fencing?!!!!!!
thanx 4 the advice oddball. im planning a lesson wiv redhead and bumblebee anyway!!!
good luck wiv da foil league if i dont tlk to u before thurs!!!!!!
i had gcse science modules 2day. they went ****!!!!!!!!!!

-5th March 2004, 12:30
Yes! By the way check out the foil league results for this week, he's not invicible...

-5th March 2004, 15:08
huh? invizible or invincible? did sum1 beat him???!!!!!! good on em!!!! i came last n it suckz but im planning on thrashin em nxt time!!!! (doubt itll work v. well tho!!!!)

-5th March 2004, 19:05
Invincible - it means impossible to beat

-8th March 2004, 10:11
i kno wot invincible means im not THAT thick!!!! although sumtimes i begin 2 wonder!!!! sum1 beat him? cool!!!!
u knackered after the island championships? im not and i cant wait for the ci championships!!!! thtas the first time ever im looking forward to it!!!!!!!!!! i wanna beat u n holly!!!!!!!!

-11th March 2004, 09:35
Yes, Chris B got him. Thjeres hope 4 me yet!!

-11th March 2004, 12:05
cool, i really want u 2 beat him, u wee so close to him!!!!!!!! thrash him girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-9th November 2004, 00:26
Originally posted by madfencer
Lent Sucks!!!!!!!!

it does? wooo! :tongue: