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Foilling Around
-17th October 2011, 22:37
I gather that S&C Guy, aka Rhys Ingram, has been appointed Strength and Conditioning coach at the EIS at Lee Valley. As such Fencing and Wheelchair Rugby will be under his wing on a National level.

Having worked with Rhys, and Anthony Turner, the past two summers at the Academy and had the benefit of his wisdom via the forum, I could not be more pleased for Rhys and for British Fencing.

It will provide a much more seemless transition from Academy through TASS to WCPP.

Their approach to unpicking the biomechanics of the sport and building conditioning for fencing from the ground up will take time to have results, but I am convinced it is the way forward. I hope the WCPP fencers see the benefits.

-18th October 2011, 08:24
Congratulations Rhys!

-18th October 2011, 14:11
congrats Rhys!!

S&C Guy
-22nd October 2011, 13:34
Thank you very much Paul and everyone else! I am really excited about this new opportunity and am looking forward to developing the S&C concepts i already used with my athletes at Hartpury as well as with the Academy and clubs i have visited over the last year. It's sure to be a busy 8-9months building into the Olympics!!!

On a slightly seperate note, i am in search of a place to live in London! Paul suggested i put up something here as so many people are based in and around London. So if anyone knows of rooms to rent in the North East London area i would be extremely grateful if they could let me know. I will be based at Lee Valley in Enfield so anywhere near there, Chingford, Edmonton or just outside London in Hertford or Waltham Cross would be great! I think the commute from Bristol would be too much for me at this point!

Again thanks for your best wishes and thanks in advance if any of you know of possible rental opportunities!

Rhys I