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-18th October 2011, 08:35
For those still looking to get tickets for the Olympics (including some fencing ones) there are a few back on sale through Sports World: https://london2012.sportsworld.co.uk/index.php who seem legtimate and are the resllers for some of the EU countries.
They came on sale this morning and a probably limited. I tried to buy tickets from them before (in the first wave of ticket sales) and they take your money before allocating your tickets, but in fairness they also refunded me fully for the tickets they couldn't allocate so they seem ok.

-18th October 2011, 12:18
They are on the list of approved resellers. I got some athletics tickets through them in the last round but they were unable to get me the fencing tickets that I was after. They did refund my money within a reasonable time however.

-7th November 2011, 11:49
Sportsworld have some more tickets available for sale tomorrow (Tuesday 8 November) between 10am and 3pm, including fencing. Numbers are likely to be very limited however.

andrew britton
-9th November 2011, 09:18
Real pain having to go down in person to collect the tickets, as they will not post them and on a specific day!!!.

-11th November 2011, 09:25
To get tickets seems to be really impossible. At least for me! I always miss my chance, because of work, because of not having internet all the time. I'm too slow! Does someone here get the chance to see the Olympics 2012 in London? This must be an awesome and unique experience! And London is my favorite city on the world :)

-15th November 2011, 12:37
A ticket sale opens on the website of the official Dutch reseller ATP at 9.00am on Wednesday 16 November. No information yet on the sports involved. Website address: http://www.atpi.nl .

-15th November 2011, 14:47
Thanks Gary

The fencing trivia from the web site is quite good!

•After the Paris 1924 Games, the Italian and Hungarian teams settled a scoring controversy with a real-life duel.
•French has been the language of Fencing since 1570 when Henri Saint-Didier, a pioneer of the sport, came up with most of the terms for the moves that Fencers still use today.
•Hungarian Fencer Aladar Gerevich holds the record for the longest gap between Olympic medals. He first won gold at the Los Angeles 1932 Games, but waited 28 years for his second success.
•Originally, there was no time limit for a Fencing contest. This was changed after one match lasted seven hours in the 1930s.
•The Fencing ‘piste’ is designed to look like a castle hallway – the setting for many real sword fights in medieval times.

-17th November 2011, 12:42
Yay! I got tickets for the individual men's foil final through ATP.

-13th March 2012, 10:19
More Olympic Tickets for alot of sports have just come on sale through this site:


Have bought from them before and they are an authorised retailer for some European countries. Their site does crash alot though!

-19th March 2012, 16:58
www.cosport.com, the official reseller for Austria, Sweden, Norway and Bulgaria, currently has tickets for WF (qualifying), MS (qualifying and final), WE (final), MF (final), WF team (final), MS team (qualifying), WE team (qualifying) and MF (final).

-2nd May 2012, 21:42
There are tickets available for most days at the authorised German ticket reseller www.dertour.de , including the ME/WS day that seems to have sold out in the BFA ballot.