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-28th February 2004, 11:40
Anyone going?

It's going to be my first open! (unless you're counting SE regionals and BYCs... but I didn't think they were 'opens')

I'm looking forward to it! Yay! (*does a little 'happy to go to an open' dance*)

-28th February 2004, 14:15
maybe.... not sure yet... depends if i can get time off work, cos i just took 3 days off to ref at public schools :o

Boo Boo
-28th February 2004, 14:49
No, am in Athens at the time.

You are right, SE Regional Age Groups and BYCs are not Opens - since they are not "open" to everyone to enter (although Opens son't allow U13s to compete....).

Have fun and good luck. If you have the "Open" bug, will be at Birmingham :)


-28th February 2004, 14:52

i'll be doing the edinburgh international... so i won't be at invicta

-29th February 2004, 16:48
Invicta seems to be, like Merseyside, one of those competitions that I'm always doomed to miss - Achilles tendon. Anyway my form is so awful at the momnet that it wasn't worth entering Edinburgh.

-2nd March 2004, 10:47

I'll see you there.


-2nd March 2004, 17:14
also the same weekend as edinburgh open, so a 9 hour drive over the border that wekend.
Good luck to all at the invicta open.

-7th March 2004, 18:46
I've talked one of the girls from my club (the only other with breeches and a BFA membership) into coming. Yay!

Can't wait!!!


-7th March 2004, 19:27
I think I'll make it to the Invicta as well, not really good enough for the Edinburgh comps I dont think, plus its a hell of a long way to go to get no points :)

-8th March 2004, 08:40
I'll be going with son, husband and other epeeist on the Saturday. Hopefully some of our foilists, Hokers and a couple of other sabruers are also going.

Son, daughter and hubby did well at Nottingham, Hokers.
Son got l8, daughter l4 and hubby l16! Don't know what the NIFF was but John Salfield won the sabre.

-8th March 2004, 10:02
Yeah I had a look at the guildford site, good results all round! Well done. That should bump the rankings up a fair bit.

I couldnt really have fenced, my arm is still too bruised, so was fortunate I didnt go.

-15th March 2004, 13:05
results anyone?

-15th March 2004, 13:15
I thought the sabre was Sunday, so couldnt go in the end. That'll teach me to check in advance properly... :(

Naughty foilist
-15th March 2004, 13:25
Me and t'other half were sorry you couldn't make it Hokers, but he'll fill you in, possibly blow by blow, at Kingston tomorrow. He got another three lefties in his poule of eight!

-15th March 2004, 13:36
All in all it was a well run weekend. With over 100 in the mens epee it went very smoothly and with only one small hitch on the sunbday the foil was a great. Well worth the long drive.

Boo Boo
-17th March 2004, 11:13
For those interested, results are up - http://www.britishfencing.com/Invicta%202004%20Ra%C9ings%20(Full).doc


-17th March 2004, 11:38
A slight typo slipped into Boo Boo's link:


Boo Boo
-17th March 2004, 12:07
Oooppsss, sorry - the joys of "copy & paste" (especially if don't check that it has pasted properly afterwards...) *sigh*


-17th March 2004, 12:23
oooh big entry for the mens epee, and a reasonable nif too by the looks of things.
Some very strange results though will have to find out what happened as the Last 8 certainly wasn't made up of the people i thought it would be!
Oh and Chris I know you're out there, could you possibly leave a few cups for the Brits to pick up! its not nice hoarding them all to yourself ;)

-17th March 2004, 13:15
Actually a good set of reults for the Streatham contingent.