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-7th November 2011, 15:32

I only just saw this and I think while the 8000 holes must have been hard to do it looks a bit rubbish. I really hate the gold colour as well! Anyway I thought this was funny:

At least the torch doesn’t look like a dildo. “Olympic refuseniks are already questioning the merits of this bling cheese-grater crossed with an office wastepaper basket on fire.
Personally I’m rather a fan – not least because all the glitter does at least detract from the appalling logo,” adjudged Iain Hollingshead of The Daily Telegraph (http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/iainhollingshead/100091270/at-least-the-olympic-torch-doesnt-look-like-a-sex-toy/).

“The design team at Barber Osgerby should be applauded. It can’t be easy making a torch attractive, portable and sufficiently robust that it will stay lit even without an escort of 30 Chinese paramilitaries,” joked Hollingshead. “Their achievement is all the more remarkable when you look at some of the horrors that have gone before (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-13424048) …

Winter 1972 … looks like a lavatory seat, summer 1980 an intercontinental ballistic missile (the games took place in Moscow, appropriately), and winter 1992 a dildo.”

-7th November 2011, 16:20
I really hate the gold colour as well!

Then how come the LP TiN tips and barrels are that colour?
I really hate the colour, that's why I'm still using the standard ones. :-p