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-29th February 2004, 17:53
I think now that the domestic season has finished, why don't we name names and vote for the worst BUSA fencing team this past season.

I'm talking about the team that had the shittiest kit, were worst organised, and got asbsolutely blitzed by your team.

Who did you have the most trouble with in terms of organising games and playing proerly?


-1st March 2004, 11:19

-1st March 2004, 12:18
This isn't very friendly :(

-1st March 2004, 12:34
Especially when it is difficult to know the whole story about another Uni team apart from your own.

-1st March 2004, 12:37
The couldn't organise a drink in a brewery award goes to...

Dundee University.

we were told on the Thursday by the captain that we had the BUSA scottish qualifiers on Saturday as he, the best fencers in the club and the kit went off to another competition in Hamburg.

So the humble Bucket was left with enough kit for one and a half foilists, no epeists and a vertically-challenged sabreur.

and three "fencers" (I use the term loosely). One of whom took the foil kit home with him (on Friday) and then decided to leave this plane of existance for four days.

We got our collective butts kicked.

next year I'm not going to say "wouldn''t it be a good idea for the beginers to do BUSA" instead I will jump into the nearest area of heavy traffic. less painful.

-1st March 2004, 18:30
do u have 2 go 2 university to post a reply?

would be hard to kno otherwise!

-2nd March 2004, 09:59
As far as Bath Men's goes in the SW region all of our opposition have been pretty organised. So congrats to all of us in the area.

-11th March 2004, 13:22
hmm.. well we had a couple of lame opponants, I think out of the three teams we fenced there was on average one member of the opposition who didn't turn up in jeans. Sometimes they were glittery ones. *shakes head*

-13th March 2004, 23:19
Well, our womens team went all the way from Bristol to Lancaster. Then one of the girls at Lancaster said they couldn't be bothered to fence. So our team came all the home again having not fenced at all. or so the story goes, but I wasn't there.

-14th March 2004, 09:33
One of our team broke her arm that morning. When you only have 3 fencers it's a bit of a problem

-14th March 2004, 20:23
Is it only I who feels a little uneasy about having thread purely for free-for-all slagging? :(

-14th March 2004, 20:43
I agree - I've made my views very clear on this elsewhere (and see also the aggrieved response from Jon Willis on discovering he'd been slagged off, as well).

Surely the worst team is the one that doesn't exist.

-15th March 2004, 11:47
I totally agree as well - see earlier post. Plus, I have mentioned it on the "unsporting behaviour" thread.

-16th March 2004, 13:44
Originally posted by Cheetara
One of our team broke her arm that morning. When you only have 3 fencers it's a bit of a problem

I wasn't there so I can't comment on the cicrumstances. Obviously, the broken arm incident can't have helped matters.

-16th March 2004, 14:04
the worst (as in the "nastiest") are the people who go and beat you. So in that case, The Tabs ( Cambridge) particularly for the varsity, although we are out for revenge this weekend, and UCL, tho that's one each.

I think it is completely not on for anyone to beat us, very unkind and rude!

And I reckon that any uni who manages to find 9 different fencers for their team with each of them being the first choice for their own weapon, should be banned for being too damn good!

-16th March 2004, 17:03
Southampton have stolen our club chairman halfway through the year!

Oh wait... thats me :grin: .

Dave Hillier
-16th March 2004, 19:28
Muahhahhhar ! !!!!! !!

we are oh so evil