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-17th November 2011, 15:19
Hi all

Truro Fencing Club will soon be launching a new wheelchair fencing club, TFC Ability.

The club will be led by Kenichi Yamamoto (Japanese national coach at Beijing Paralympics), and we aim to establish a high performance environment for wheelchair athletes with Paralympic ambitions, as well as an inclusive community club.

Does anyone out there have any advice specific to running/promoting disability fencing, or any unforeseen problems from their own experience?


Jon Salfield
Head Coach, Truro Fencing Club

-17th November 2011, 16:10
I'm sure if you ask nicely, Laszlo Jakab will be able to give you some good advice seeing as he is national wheelchair coach :)

-17th November 2011, 16:40
Thanks, but the question is not related to coaching wheelchair fencing (for which we have a very good team in place), but promoting the club in the community - any specific routes that people have gone down to spread the word, or contacts people have used.

-17th November 2011, 22:23
Caz Walton and Francine(?) of British Disability Fencing might have some answers. I'll send you a phone number

-17th November 2011, 22:53
Justine not Francine. I have their emails. Neil Ross is a good man to get in touch with too.