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-9th April 2003, 10:38
Is it me or are Real just too good Should there be a law stating how many world class players a team can field in one match like the premierships non EU players rule. Stop the domination of club football by a bald french man please its just not cricket.

-9th April 2003, 15:11
Who cares?:sleep:

-9th April 2003, 15:45
I care...
Real rule, it's good for Man U to be made to look so stupid.

Maybe it will stop their fans from being so unbearable!

I think a team value cap would be impossible to impose anyway, what would be the point in a team earning lots of money if they cant use it to improve their team.

Anyway don't you enjoy seeing beckham being made to look silly?

-9th April 2003, 18:02
i think wot the sport realy needs is proper referees the last two games i have watched were man u v liverpool and man u v real and in both matches the referees were atrocious!:moon: :starfight :drink: :father:

3 Card Trick
-9th April 2003, 21:41
Well, Bristol City won at the weekend, despite/because of the referee, depending on your point of view.

BC have a budget of about 3 p for players but the fans get excited just the same.


-10th April 2003, 08:09
Fencing not football but as we are on the subject we should have video refs as this would solve all the problems.


-10th April 2003, 11:32
with looking at some of the decisions get in the televised finals on television at the olympics and world championships where we have the advantage of seeing slow motion replays making the referee look stupid. do you think we should have video refs in fencing aswell or maybe stop showing these replays as it could ruin a referees career?:shrug:

3 Card Trick
-10th April 2003, 12:35
Anything which helps a referee get the decision right is good, but with replays you also get delays. In cricket (which takes all day or even week) it isn't so bad, but in a 3 or 3 x 3 minute bout the action would really get slowed down.

I can see an argument for referees and fencers reviewing their performance on film.

Most fencers are hit, or fail to get a hit because they have made a mistake.

I suspect that in the course of a day's fencing referees make fewer mistakes than fencers - Discuss!!!:cool:

-10th April 2003, 14:45
Video replays would be great it would show fencers just how bad they look when they are fencing and they dont actually know what they are doing;)

-18th April 2003, 11:47
this is football we are talking about? because if it is get a life!!!! seriously football is sooooooooooo boring!:sleep: where as rugby on the other hand........
I really think we should video fights espicially in epee when theres no metal piste! plus it would mean less biased referees. but with videoing you will actually be able to see how bad you fence, and also how bad you look after youve taken your mask off. on a second thought lets not video fights!!!

-23rd April 2003, 08:51
Manchester United last night completely overwhelmed a lacklustre Real
Madrid team making Real look a second division team. United were
superior in every department of the game and eventually ran out
convincing 5 -0 winners. It is doubtful whether it is even worth Real
Madrid turning up for the second leg at Old Trafford."

Mohammed Saeed Sahef
Iraqi Information Minister

-23rd April 2003, 10:34
Superb Hudson, love it.

But, footballforum.com anyone? And hippos is right, real men play rugby :tongue:

Videoing fights is very interesting to watch, video refing for floor hits though?! Can see that happening, honest.

-23rd April 2003, 11:58
United will win tonight 2-0 and go through trust me on this;)

-23rd April 2003, 17:28
ummm as much as i know (which i will admitt isnt alot) i some how doubt man u are gonna win...sorry!

-23rd April 2003, 18:59
Videoed the RAF team at the inter services two years ago for some reason. Durring last years comp we watched it back on night (with a few dozen beers) Made for a good evening and people wanted to watch it again sober so they could look for were they needed improvement.