View Full Version : next Fencing event on Eurosport?

-6th May 2003, 13:34
When's the next Fencing event on Eurosport, does anyone know? Are they going to wait all the way till October for the WC?


-6th May 2003, 15:21
I suspect we'll all have to wait.

-6th May 2003, 16:28
Why don't we orgenize a petition via LP and E mail it to Eurosport?
I should think we can manage a few scores of names, might make a difference? Get us a world cup event mid yearish in addition to the WC?

-7th May 2003, 10:39
Originally posted by reposte
When's the next Fencing event on Eurosport, does anyone know? Are they going to wait all the way till October for the WC?


I think waiting until October for the WC could cause serious bladder problems.

(Sorry - couldn't resist it):grin:

-7th May 2003, 10:48
tee hee...

in all seriousness a petition from active UK fencers would do no harm. Probably best arranged through the sword or BFA though.

-7th May 2003, 17:56
I think I can add a few Israeli names since we get British Eurosport - at least I think it's British - the commentators all speak English...

-8th May 2003, 14:17
Anyone know what Eurosport's 'footprint' is?
Ie is ir possible to get in South Africa, or is northern hemisphere only?

-8th May 2003, 14:28
Depends on how you are receiving it. In terms of satellitte (and bear with me here I haven't worked for Sky in a number of years) the footprint for the satellites that it broadcasts off only reach as far as Northern Africa. It may have changed since I dealt with them back then but considering the target audience of Eurosport I think it unlikely. Any newer satellites will have been placed to serve central Europe and the UK (your just too far away I think).

Couldn't say whether you can get from a cable network.

We would have to establish whether you had LOS and also what dish size (for you this could be 3m!).

-8th May 2003, 14:39
Thanks Gav
Looks like I will have to rely on videos from European friends and family...'

Or get a BIG dish...

-30th May 2003, 19:07
Anyone have archived tapes of eurosport fencing coverage? Better yet, anyone have a digitized version to share w/a fencer across the pond?


-2nd June 2003, 22:52
Eerm, Craig, I think we might have been lent some from a few months back....;) ;)

-29th December 2007, 14:27
If you go on youtube there is lots of eurosport fencing coverage...

-29th December 2007, 21:09
Arise, zombie thread!
Rise up and destroy these forum users!

Talk about oooooold.

-2nd January 2008, 09:36
I like zombies. If I can watch the world lumberjack championships then surely I can expect to see more fecning on eurosport!