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-29th February 2004, 21:19
Sorry for the title.. it is a bit bland...

Just a quick hello.. Just found this page and have joined..

Still a bit in shock I guess... suddenly found all these fencing forums.... discussions of just my type of subjects... fencing...

I am 36 years old and have been fencing for 18 years...
right handed foilist (epeeist and dable in sabre... always fun?!?)

I was in London in 1995

Sorry to all the friends I made and peope I contacted that I haven't kept in contact..

i know slack of me..

Hi to the Lun Poly club ( i think that is it ) - i was training there when in london.. won a few medals i think on the viking and some other...

Drop me a line if you remember me..

The guy who got off the plane from Australia and rather than find somewhere to stay found the nearest fencing club and went there...

I think it was st pauls or something similar (a school)..

I remember going to the Leon Paul shop and spending what must have been hours just staring at the stuff in the shop - it was the first serious fencing shop I had seen.. Like a man staggering out of the desert to an oasis..

I have never thanked everyone for making e feel so welcome

Sorry Mrs Mills I probably just seemed wierd (only a little) but the shop was great
Barry Paul thanks for the tour - I still remember the shop and the factory with fond memories.
Ziemek thanks again for signing your fencing book - Geoff Palmer In Australia who took lessons from you greatly appreciated it (left hand foilist .. another made Adelaidian!!)

Terry Kingston - are you still fencing? Hi.. I can't imagine you'd stop... did my wet weather motorcyle pants ever turn up at the club? probably ended in a car boot sale somewhere...

I think it was Chris I met at a fencing comp and crashed at his place for a few days .. are you still out there? sorry have lost your email address as well...

Is there a fencing shop in Staines still? run by the same gentleman? I seem to remember spending hours in his shop as well.... Just another wierd fencing tourist I suppose....

I went to Europe for 3 weeks by myself, hired a car and drove around from France to Italy to Germany - 1 week each country..
I actually found a fencing club in Venice - and when the peolpe let me fence there the two boys fencing kicked my arse something chronic.. as did most people ...
dropped in to Tauberbischofsheim fencing centre in germany and stayed there .. where alex pusch was the coach in the epee.... pin cushion time for me agaist those hefty germans... i did learn a lot and fun time there...

Anyway must go for now....

Look forward to your replies...:sam:

-1st March 2004, 07:21
Hey there!

Welcome to the board.

-1st March 2004, 07:33
Welcome, oh well travelled one !! I hve no doubt those you mention will be contacted by someone on the board to be able to contact you.

You don't souind sane, so should survive here. there are a couple of ex pats who contribute frquently, so will soon feel like home - if it doesn't already!!:grin: :grin:

-1st March 2004, 08:05
'ello elberto ....welcome:grin:
...........jeez that post looked like an acception speech form the oscars or something!!:rolleyes:

-1st March 2004, 08:08
OH no - didn't thank his mum or his children....assuming he has had either......Did you watch it?? I was working, and found it very BORING this year.....it kept me awake, tho':( :upset:

-1st March 2004, 13:28
AWWWWWWW Elberto you didnt forget to thank your Mum, Dad, Spouse and kids did ya??
No i fell asleep and missed it, I heard Lord of the rings swept the board again though!!
You was working at that time in the morning?? are you in Nursing or something PM1 ??

-1st March 2004, 14:50
complicated, convoluted and confusing.. wish I could say long too.. oh we are on thoughts and fencing here

And I try to write too much...

Sorry guys ....;)

I wish to thank my mum... oops wrong forum - unless someone has a spare oscar for most borig and jumbled speach?!

... don't have kids (that I know of.... Just joking... typical tacky male type joke..):moon:

Wose still I enjoy a good debate but not face to face... much prefer in writing