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-1st March 2004, 12:40
hi my name is tom and i'm a sabreur. ive been thinking of buying a new sabre and have been asking for advice on which set up to get i.e which blade e.t.c I was just wondering if people could tell me wehter they think its better to have a leather grip or a rubber grip? thanks

-1st March 2004, 14:01
Probably a matter of personal choice but I prefer a rubber grip. There seems to be more friction on it.

NLSC Sabreur
-1st March 2004, 14:19
I second rubber as the better choice

-1st March 2004, 15:33
The leather ones get rucked up after a while. Rubber for all our school kit now.

-1st March 2004, 17:10
hmm id say LP leather ones are grip than a rubber and seem to absorb sweet etc more! oh well just me!

-1st March 2004, 17:36
and the leather's more likely to stain your glove... and then come out in the wash propmtly turning you white into pinks...
very masculine...

-1st March 2004, 17:42
I *so* thought this thread was going to be about something else...

I'll get me coat :(

-1st March 2004, 17:45
yeah if there was a award for the most dodgey named thread this would win it!

-1st March 2004, 21:54
Leather is more expensive, so it _has_ to be better.

(I use it for all my foils, and although it looks rubbish when new, and stains your glove a bit, once it's a bit worn down it looks a lot better)

-2nd March 2004, 08:44
Originally posted by goodbadandme
Leather is more expensive, so it _has_ to be better.

(I use it for all my foils, and although it looks rubbish when new, and stains your glove a bit, once it's a bit worn down it looks a lot better)

Not quite sure if you're meaning this seriously or taking the p*@&. I use leather cause it seems to give me more control through the friction on the handle. Cheaper, but better! Not often you see that in fencing kit is it!

Personally I use all allstar sabre bits except (although not at the moment) the LP guard - cause its a nice weight and is noticeably bigger when you look at them together!

-2nd March 2004, 16:05
I was actually being serious, but leather is more expensive, at least for LP foils...

-2nd March 2004, 16:34
I'm not a sabre fencer, and I use a pistol grip for foil.

However, if I did use a french grip, I would use one of the old 'thin' leather grips from Leon Paul. By thin I mean the grip (not the leather) is physically thinner than the current ones. This gives a better grip for finger control.

I wouldn't know if the same logic applies to sabre. That is if ANY logic applies to sabre.


-2nd March 2004, 23:50
Oops, meant to say I use rubber handles NOT leather in my last post. Sorry for the confusion guys.

-8th March 2004, 11:50
If you can get one, an old (aka 1970 ish) leather sabre grip from LP is a good bet. There is no dye to come out, and they have good grip.

-8th March 2004, 11:53
By the way, I agree on the observation that this thread has a dodgy name.

mmmmm, letcherous ( NOT!!!)

-8th March 2004, 14:10
I like the leather ones, dunno why tho' it could even be for as simple a reason as that's what I started with! But I agree on the ability of leather handles to dye your glove a lovely dirty colour!

Both would be equally uncomfortable, but I reckon that leather smells somewhat nicer;)

-8th March 2004, 15:11
Apparently the rubber ones become slippy when wet, whereas the leather absorbs water and remains grippy.

-8th March 2004, 17:37
Yep i think My anti-spam my even be deleting the emails for it!

-10th March 2004, 19:35
Thanks for your advice evryone, Although it doesn treally matter what the threads called does it so stop havin ago ppl who called it dodgy:tongue:

-14th March 2004, 06:20
in all my years of doing sabre - since 1970 - i've used everything the manufacturers thrown at us.
at one time i thought the rubberised handles were the best that is till they dried up and ripped. they used to be made with an aluminium - aluminum for the American audience - handle with a round hole throughout, then they made the correct rectangular hole, then they finally switched to nylon which tend to split if one tightens the balde too much.
i've tried the Italian ones with the triangular shaped, hard plastic -they're not very good.
then i went back to some of the older Hungarian string-covered ones which are made of wood with the steel reinforement rings at both ends. [the strings are too slippery.] I love the shape of these the best esp if one holds one's sabre at the very end of the handle. it's the closest one gets to an ortho grip for sabre - that is if one excludes the 1908 British sabre's handle...

so what i've done was to take some of the aluminium handles that had the rubber sheath on them, hot glued a piece of wood on the end, shaped it to conform to the Hungarian handles' shape, then...

Now the answer to the original question: rubber or leather.

my answer is
neither: i use Dunlop's tennis racquet grip tape which is readily available at any sporting goods stores here in Canada any way. [in the better stores, you can get a huge roll of this tape in various colours.] yes, i have to rewrap the handle every so often, but OTOH, i have the size of the handle and the shape that fit me best.


-14th March 2004, 06:33
just in case you do not know what i mean by the "1908 British sabre", what i meant was the

1908 Pattern Cavalry Trooper's Sword.
Beautiful in its simplicity, the 1908 pattern offered the cavalryman a light weight sword [at 5lb with the steel, field scabbard - PK] with maximum protection, hand comfort, [ortho grip, that's what they meant - PK] and thrusting ease. [i.e. it's NOT a cutting sabre - PK] The sword's hilt consists of a steel bowl guard, a simulated rubber grip, [it feels like wood - PK] and steel pommel. The blade is made of high carbon steel and is e 35 1/2 inches long. The steel scabbard has a two ring suspension system.


for a foto scroll down to 2/3 [.667%] of the page...

yes, i do have one with the leather sword chord. i bought this in vancouver, BC around 1975. Alas, the edge was taken off it in order for it to be saleable...


-15th March 2004, 04:55
i guess with modern materials, and with the declining stock, it's not PC to use shark skin, eh?


-11th October 2004, 01:49
Just noticed the title of this thread... hmmm :tongue:

Mr Flea
-11th October 2004, 11:16
...I use leather for foil and epee and rubber for sabre...for everything else its rubber all the way...;)

-11th October 2004, 11:40

-11th October 2004, 13:11
Originally posted by Mr Flea
...I use leather for foil and epee and rubber for sabre...for everything else its rubber all the way...;)

for 'everything' else? Into a bit of rubberwear eh? :grin:

Mr Flea
-11th October 2004, 13:38
...its easier to clean...;)

-11th October 2004, 13:44
ah well, sabre sucks anyways ;)

*waits for flamefest*