View Full Version : Kfar Saba Junior world cup

-2nd March 2004, 06:54

Is anyone about to attend the Junior World Cup at Kfar Saba this Sunday?

-9th March 2004, 11:37
Well, I quess no one, and it ended Sunday, with an Israeli on top of it. Maor Ohad, winning over the German Koerth, I believe, quite convincingly.
I suppose that with the Junior WC there wasn't much appeal to a world cup event so late in the season, but I think that if you're an junior, on the verge of turning high roller, it could have been a nice chafing. There were all the Israeli junior team there (fourth in European Champ's), a Latvian team, Bulgarian and Georgian fencers, as well as two Germans who both made it to the final 8.

Hope to see some of you at the next international Israeli event, whenever that is.

-9th March 2004, 21:51
now that would be nice.....:grin: