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-5th January 2012, 15:14
I propose an Injury area. Not sure if this has already been asked but I think this could be a good area as people are just posting it in the conditioning area. It would be good as fencers could give their previous experiences with problems and remedies that they have found. For serious problems the Doctor is of course the first move, but for little things it might be good to get feedback from people that are going through the same thing.
Just a thought :p
(If this has already been posted ill gladly delete)

-5th January 2012, 22:13
I can see the benefits of this, however I can see a flaw that concerns me quite a bit. This could encourage people to seek medical advice here rather than going to a doctor. If someone gives the wrong advice there is a risk that the person might do more damage. But also there is the legal issue! Unlike doctors, most fencers on this forum are not insured to give out medical advice and risk being sued if they get it wrong. Although it does happen here occasionally, I think having a specific section for injuries would encourage too much open discussion about areas where most people are not trained to talked about.

-11th January 2012, 12:33
It would be easy to add a disclaimer to the forum saying that readers follow the advice posted at their own risk, and should seek medical advice for anything serious (i.e. anything worse than muscle pains, sprains, bruises, etc.) For someone who has a minor injury, it could be helpful to read advice from people who received a similar injury in similar circumstances rather than resort to google.
For example: Fencer A is feeling an ache on one side of his back and one buttock after each fencing session. He reports his problem, and Fencer B tells him about a muscle exercise that he used when he had the same problem. Fencer A tried this solution, finds that it works, thanks Fencer B and promises to buy him a drink. Everybody wins.

-12th January 2012, 16:14
Open thread...."see a doctor".....Close thread

(If this has already been posted ill gladly delete)
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