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Peter Pan
-6th January 2012, 09:42
The latest from British Fencing on Olympic selection


Paul N-M
-6th January 2012, 11:50
So we have a new Performance Advisory Group 'advising' the BF Performance Team who are 'proposing' to the Selection panel who appear to be deliberately chosen to have no experience/knowledge of fencing/fencers SELECTING our Olympic fencing team.
I wonder if this means BF has volunteered 'its experts' to other sports to do a similar job?
'Sorry Mr/Ms 400 metre runner you are not selected because a 'fencing expert' did not think you were good enough' I would not like to be in earshot when he/she was told the bad news.

Paul N-M

-6th January 2012, 12:10
Presumably, this is the only way they can guarantee impartiality?

-6th January 2012, 12:16
or dilute responsibility...

-6th January 2012, 12:26
A case of "buck passing", then?

-6th January 2012, 14:32
Quote from BFA website.
i.e. to consist of an independent Chair and three people from outside the sport who understand performance selection processes.

So does this mean that no one from British Fencing or infact anyone in fencing is going to pick the team!

If this is the case. I cannot see what our board does or stands for.
Perhaps they should move to a sport they are more interested in because it can't be fencing.

The Driver
-6th January 2012, 16:34
So does this mean that no one from British Fencing or infact anyone in fencing is going to pick the team!

Sounds perfect if you want to avoid criticism after the event!

-6th January 2012, 18:59
Is there any sport, anywhere, that has three committees to select teams or where people with no experience of the sport can be selectors ?

Swords Crossed
-6th January 2012, 19:42
As far as I'm aware, most of our more competitively successful sports (Cycling, Cricket (for E&W), Swimming for example) do not.

-6th January 2012, 20:13
Also, what sort of persan would put themselves forward for such a role ?

-6th January 2012, 22:10
Sounds perfect if you want to avoid criticism after the event!

Just because they won't be pulling the trigger does not stop them being absolutely responsible.
They are British fencing and they set the process and they will be responsible.

-9th January 2012, 00:21
Has anyone seen the film Dumb and Dumber!!!!!

Foilling Around
-9th January 2012, 06:12
I suspect this is to cut down on possible appeals. I presume that the actual selection is done by the Performance Team. However they have to provide justification for those choices to an independent panel. If I were involved I would also be asking for reason why those on the margins were NOT selected.

If those on the 'Selection Panel' are the right people then they will make sure that all of the rules have been followed and appeals are unlikely to be successful.

We have all been annoyed at strange selection decisions which have been overturned on appeal over the past few years. I think the problem is in terminology.

If you called the performance team the selection panel and called the selection panel the oversight committee or scrutiny committee, then it would make more intuitive sense. Perhaps they have to use certain terms to please UKSport or perhaps it is just unfortunate use of terms.

If that is how it will work then I have no problem.

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