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-3rd March 2004, 07:25
Is there anyone out there who is in the navy, and if so what is it like as a job?

-3rd March 2004, 17:55
I know many fencers in the Navy
they all seem to fit the fencing in somehow (and often get paid for it!)
I can put you in touch with one of the guys who runs Navy fencing if you want.
I'm sure he can tell you all about the navy both fencing and non-fencing related.
PM me if you want to get in touch with him

-7th March 2004, 15:10
it's the skimpy clothing and running at other men with long thin gthings that does it i expect
powdered soap anyone?:moon:

-19th March 2004, 12:08
sorry m8 but i used 2 want to b in the navy!!!!!! or the army!!!!! ( guys in army uniform?!!!!! im there!!!)

-22nd March 2004, 11:58
You have just dropped yerself innit again. By saying that you now fancy Jeremy and Bumblebee amongst others!!!!


-23rd March 2004, 11:56
u kno i fancy bumblebees personality and i kinda fancy jeremy poole for the same reason so im not denying it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jeremy used 2 b in the army or navy? id like to c him in army uniform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
the person id most like to c it in is tom or matt!!!!!!!!!!!