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-3rd March 2004, 08:44
The other day, i mannaged to break a tip off my epee, its a threaded end, but half of the end managed to rip off in the tip. So i have half the threads left. If i retip this, is it still legal? or can it be made to be legal some how?

Right now its not even being used as dry, because im afraid of the tip going through the guard...

Any tips would be, most helpful.

-3rd March 2004, 10:43
my armoury experiance is limited to weapons control, so i'm not entirely sure on this...

is it possible to rethread the tip?

if not then it might be headed for the bin

-3rd March 2004, 17:08
Sounds as if it's liable to break as soon as you hit anyone.

-3rd March 2004, 17:17
Yeah from my slight knowledge here id say it will go when you hit some one! sounds like a totaly new point if you can!

Barry Paul
-3rd March 2004, 17:51
we can re-thread the tip of the blade so it becomes regulation. trying to use only half the thread could be dangerous and is not advised. Barry Paul

-3rd March 2004, 21:41
In general terms it is possible to rethread the tip of an Epee (or foil for that matter) To do it yourself requires a suitable die ISO Metric 4mm dia x 0.7 mm pitch for Epee, 3.5mm dia x 0.6 mm pitch for foil.

The only problem is to stop the die snatching as it passes over the groove in the blade. The usual trick is to fill the groove with a piece of wire supported by soft solder. Use the existing thread to start the die and cut the blade end square when you finish cutting the new thread. You should only cut about 5 or 6 turns of thread.

This is not an exercise for the faint hearted, frankly if you're not 100% confident about doing this job don't even consider it, the risk of damage to the die is high, and could cost you more than the blade is worth.

-4th March 2004, 03:41
well, the tip came off on a pull back that caught the other bell. :( so its not a blade problem, the rest of the blade is still sound, its just the last half inch that is iffy. Our idea was to file down the original threading and then re-thread the first inch of the blade. I wont use it as a dry blade, because it broke mid threading, and is a little sharp up front. It can probably be used as a safe dry blade if the whole tip gets blunted. I know we can figure a way to get a tip and wires back on...somehow, but is it legal to do that if you have to shorten the blade?

-5th March 2004, 16:57
Legion, two things
First you only have to alter the first 8 mm (0.3 inch) as thats the bit the point fits to.

Second I'm not sure where you see the problem when you ask is this legal, you're shortening the blade so it will still pass for length - the rule only specifies a maximum. The only other rule I can see that might give you cause for concern is M1 " All methods of treating a blade between guard and tip(button) by grinding, filing or other methods, are forbidden". Since the bit of the blade you're treating is inside the tip you should be within the rules.

-6th March 2004, 00:37
ahh, thank you....yea...that makes sense...lots of sense


Barry Paul
-8th March 2004, 08:25
As Jackson states is:
'The only problem is to stop the die snatching as it passes over the groove in the blade. The usual trick is to fill the groove with a piece of wire supported by soft solder.'

The is easyier down with a paper clip wire. Just lay the wire on the thread protruding a couple of mm and then force the wire into the groove by clamping it in a vice. If done correctly no solder is needed. Barry Paul

-19th March 2004, 11:25
Half on the same subject, does anyone have a good method for removing the broken thread from the barrel (thus allowing the barrel to be re-used)?


-29th March 2004, 23:55
if any piece of it is sticking out use a wrench or a clamp and a wrench, if not....:(