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-4th March 2004, 20:14
OK - give us a clue...I'm told that between now and March 30th there is an open comp at Leicester - don't know when, don't know where. Not on BFA calendar and I can't find a link for it any where I've looked.

Give me a clue??:(

-4th March 2004, 23:44
The only thing I know of around leicester ish is the nottingham open this weekend. As far as i'm aware that's the only one. Even the LPJS isn't till september. Sounds like someone's given you the wrong end of the stick to me.....

-4th March 2004, 23:53
Hmmm - I THINK it's thanks for that - it was what I suspcted....cheers !!

Chris Morgan
-5th March 2004, 15:53
theres the leicester open and the leicester leon paul but i dont thinnk they are for a while

-5th March 2004, 16:53
The Leicester Open is in September.

-5th March 2004, 19:12
You are all so kind and helpful, and aao is a DUCK!!!!! Re write yer forms, alp......:mad: :mad: will email you

-5th March 2004, 19:37
Originally posted by MiddleEarthNet
The Leicester Open is in September.

Mid October, actually.