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-5th March 2004, 12:33
Read and watch:


The article's wrong. Koch is right. Judging by what little reliability video can afford us via net, the closing of distance and circle four that Romankov attempts does not find Koch's blade, but the sort of "position" jab after he turns shoulders, well after Koch's non valid hit. Besides, Romankov's hit would not have been anulled even today because R'v maintains the same alignment of shoulders rowards Koch, seen as turning when Koch is passing.

What do you think?

-5th March 2004, 13:19
You're misviewing the video. The sequence of events is (final actions): Koch attacks to Romankov's flank. Romankov parries octave and begins a riposte (slowly). Koch remises and hits flank off target. Romankov's riposte lands.

The deceived circle quarte takes place in Koch's feint: it's his final action that's parried in octave.

The article's correct.

-5th March 2004, 15:17
When I watched the video at 1/4 speed, it looks like the fencer on the right attacks, and hits off target as the left fencer parries octave (mal parry?). The white comes up as the left fencer parries (his arm is going backwards) and then the riposte is out of time (as his parry failed) IMHO. Watch it really slowly, if you still disagree with me I'm probably wrong.

Of course, I'm not even sure where the right hand fencer hits (whether its the leg or the arm) so I'm not really that sure about it.

-5th March 2004, 17:38
You're misviewing the video. The sequence of events is (final actions): Koch attacks to Romankov's flank. Romankov parries octave

How can you tell? The only time the sound of clashing blades is heard is well before Romankov started his repost and a just before Koch's hit, meaning that it was a manl parry. The question here is whether the parry was made at the the first circle four or at the position jag, afterwhich R'v had withdrawn his arm backwards in order to hit, no question really because there is more then a fencing sincope seperating Koch's hit then Romankov's at both cases.

-6th March 2004, 09:38
This only goes to show that perhaps people should stop complaining about referees so much.

Here we have several people with the benefit of video and slo-mo, and they can't agree on the phrasing.

-6th March 2004, 16:53
ype, and to make things easier using technology, if you were to take the moev apart using the frame by frame watch you'll be able to discern quite clearly that after - repeat, well after Koch's light has been turned on, Romankov starts withdrawing the arm and then pushes for a hit, that's two fencing times after he's been hit, making it Koch's attack non valad. I never bought the tape because I never seem to be that full of extra dough but I wonder who took the championships and by how big a lead....