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-17th February 2012, 15:48
With only 6 months or so until it all kicks off I am looking into accomodation for the duration of the fencing event where I have been offered a role.

There is what looks like a useful website at http://www.gm2012accommodation.org.uk/ but I was wondering if the fencing community might be interested in a coordinated approach that keeps it in the family so to speak, if you have a sofabed/ spare room/ tent in the garden! and would be willing to help out I for one would be very grateful and I dare say there are others out there in the same position

A few considerations before this goes forward:

Is this a can of worms best not opened?

It may be that someone else is already working on this?

What is the best 'medium' for people to request/offer/discuss accomodation possibilities?, (this forum, facebook etc.)


any thoughts out there?

Paul Caine
Truro Fencing Club

-20th February 2012, 21:05
I think this is going to be difficult.
friends that I have spoken to have already arranged to rent out any available space
I'm hoping to find some floor space somewhere!

-21st February 2012, 12:49
Do you get to use the new olympic traffic lanes?

-22nd February 2012, 19:17
I went to the orientation training last weekend and picked up some flyers for accommodation, I'm thinking of camping!

There are a few outfits offering this, the one I'm leaning towards is 10 per night, pitch your own tent with parking on a secure site with decent facilities and 24 hour security and only 6 miles from the venue by bike, (probably a faster option than the free public transport!), I'm not sure about the rules on plugging commercial operations on the forum but if anyone wants to pm me I'd be happy to pass on the web address.


-23rd February 2012, 07:47
Suspect you're allowed to put a link up as it counts as useful information to folk... Assuming that its not being sponsored by another fencing equipment supplier :)

-22nd March 2012, 15:30
Attended the training event at the Excel last year and it was sugested that perhaps a London Salle could open up its floor space for the duration. Don't know if anytrhing came of it.

-11th April 2012, 21:42
Ouch sleeping on the floor of a Salle for 14 days? That isn't going to be pleasant.

-13th April 2012, 11:48
I've just booked a pitch at a camp site in London 10/person/night for volunteers: http://www.campinlondon.com/


wear wanderers
-14th April 2012, 09:35
Younger fencers had been invited by BF to be Games makers, without accomodation organised !!
Ok if you live in London, I don't know how many have accepted - British and England Fencing
take 16, 17 and 18 years olds to foreign events under close supervision, with chaperones, transport and accomodation organised etc. and yet the scheme is for 24 of those aged youngsters, without supervised accomodation. As far as I can ascertain, accomodation costs in London at this time, will be at premium prices anyway and will exclude anyone who can't afford a hotel with a parent accompanying, or anyone who hasn't a friend to stay with in the area. I can't see
many parents allowing their under 18 loose in a London hotel and expect them to travel around on their own, or "camp".

Good luck J.D. - I hope it doesn't rain.......