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-5th March 2004, 17:58
Will there be an equipment stand and who will it be?

Boo Boo
-5th March 2004, 21:18
I don't think so - at least I can't remember one being there the past couple of years (Dublin/Edinburgh). You might be able to get someone to take something along for you though... (i.e. from Allstar).

Whilst on the subject... does anyone know if the England Team has been selected or is in the process of selection yet?


-7th March 2004, 07:47
I am led to believe that WE has been.....

-7th March 2004, 17:39
Men's Epee been selected too

Boo Boo
-7th March 2004, 18:02
Thanks :) Men's and women's sabre has been too.

If anybody has news on men's and women's foil...

(thinking about booking an end of season ski weekend instead...).

-8th March 2004, 08:48
a complete surprise, but I've been made Captain of the Irish Sabre team (?!)

("those who are about to die..." springs to mind)

Boo Boo
-9th March 2004, 18:20
Thanks, things seem to be happening now (so I can book flights :) )...

(the control freak...)

-10th March 2004, 10:16
Can anyone post a note of the selections for any team/country

Boo Boo
-10th March 2004, 11:16
WF Scotland
Debbie Kershaw
Kirsten Sadler
Anna Bentley
Jo Walton

WS England
Beth Davidson
Ros Hull
Jenny Hutchison
Jane Hutchison

MS England
Chris Buxton

That's about all I know at the moment...


-12th March 2004, 09:13
anyone out there have info on who's fencing for who at what!!!!

-21st March 2004, 02:19
James Rowe
Keith Cook
Scott Brodie
Nick Dootson

Jo Walton
Kirsten Sadler
Anna Bentley
Tracy McKenzie

Tristan Lane
John Chalmers
Geoge Liston
John Robinson

Jen Neil-McLachlan
Sarah-Jane Stewart
Christine Day

Chris Jamieson
Harry Moncrieff
Stewart Watson
Rob Anderson

Car Stevenson
Naomi Farmer
Janice Brisbane
Catriona Austin

Subject to tantrums, petulance and sudden non-availablity for no good reason.


Haggis (a weary Scottish Team Manager)

-1st April 2004, 07:30
More impotantly....what are you wearing on Saturday night for the "informal fork buffet" that is being held?????

Jeans? Casual suit? Cocktail dress?

Anyway, the Irish team has been known since the 1st March. A few of the names might be known to you.

Womens Foil: Aoife Lennon(Captain) Caoimhe Delaney, Rachel Flynn, Suzanne Clayton

Womens Epee: Anna-Lise Mion (captain), Catherine Bailey, Michelle Murray, Virginie Gautier

Womens Sabre: Giselle Cullinane (captain) Donna Lecky, Leah Smith, Sarah Drumm

Mens Foil: Philip Lee (captain), Darius Vasseghi, Eugene Kazantsev, Peter McCaffrey.

Mens Epee: Conor Nagle (captain), Benedict Chambers, David Cahill, Y Carnec

Mens Sabre: Marcos Simpson (captain), Jack Ritchie, Nick Rumney, Paul Bouchier-Hayes

-1st April 2004, 11:47
Hi Marcos...
yeah this whole dress code thing????
whats a girl to do:party:

-2nd April 2004, 08:55
Well I'm going to wear/take shirt slacks and a tie. If that is wrong, please tell me quickly!!!! :)

Boo Boo
-2nd April 2004, 09:06
Originally posted by Threestain
Well I'm going to wear/take shirt slacks and a tie. If that is wrong, please tell me quickly!!!! :)

Aren't you forgeting the kilt??? :)


-2nd April 2004, 09:08
ah yes. but seriously. am I going to look a complete tool?

Boo Boo
-2nd April 2004, 09:20
Originally posted by Threestain
ah yes. but seriously. am I going to look a complete tool?


Boo Boo
-2nd April 2004, 09:28
(am definitely not the one to ask - somehow I ended up "over-dressed" last year...! :( However shirt and slacks sounds good (if you take a tie you can dress up/down as appropriate) - men have it sooooo easy...)

-2nd April 2004, 09:53
Appparently its a civic reception with the mayor or something but afterward the plan is to go clubbing so some sort of multi-functional dress would be good!

3 Card Trick
-2nd April 2004, 11:57
I'm sure BooBoo will look very nice in a tie.

-2nd April 2004, 19:38
Just a general good luck to all those in Belfast this weekend:)

-4th April 2004, 12:23
i was at the 5 nations yestorday helping out.

i was kepping scores for

england v scotland mens foil

rep. ireland v n.ireland mens epee

and a ladies foil match but i forgot who was fencing

i think that the spped you all fence at is cool way really fast!!

-5th April 2004, 11:31
well done Jimbo

Fencing wise bit frustrating - aside from WF where we had one or two injuries, the Republic had, on paper, a far stronger team than last year.

The ME lads did pretty well, and our WS sabre team, despite their inexperience, put some excellent points together which we'll build on for next year.

But between the jigs and the reels the rest of the team didn't perform.

Personally I thought I fenced OK, especially against the North, but on the day I didn't pick the right ppl for the right matches in MS. England and Scotland were always going to be hard, but we could have run Wales and the North closer.

Well done to the North for organising a great w/e.

-5th April 2004, 13:52
Who won?

-5th April 2004, 13:53
SCOTLAND of course

-5th April 2004, 14:08
So what was the informal fork buffet like?

Oh and which teams won each weapon?

-5th April 2004, 14:33
England - Men's Epee
Wales - Women's Epee
Scotland - The rest

I think

-5th April 2004, 14:34
Scotland took MS & WS

not sure of the rest but Scotland seemed to be read out a lot- the buffet was nice - location was very grand! cool of Belfast City to invite us. Good speech by Jack McGill too.

not quite sure how, but big Jack Ritchie on our team thought that it was a black tie do - once we took off his bow-tie and put his white collar over his jacket he felt far more comfortable, if slightly "saturday night fever-ish"

-5th April 2004, 15:51
I'm reliably informed (by Haggis, who should know) that we picked up MF, WF, MS and WS, but lost both WE and ME.

So quite a good weekend for the tartan army :-)

-5th April 2004, 20:49
We kicked a$$ all weekend (if you gloss over the epee results).

-5th April 2004, 21:53
With a little help from certain referees!!!!!!!!!!

-6th April 2004, 07:24
Originally posted by randomsabreur
With a little help from certain referees!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds contraversial.... Do tell....

-6th April 2004, 08:16
Originally posted by randomsabreur
With a little help from certain referees!!!!!!!!!!

wouldn't be a comp without some controversy

some very strange Epee presiding, and I heard the foil varied between excellent and not so great

I thought sabre refing on the whole was very good

-6th April 2004, 11:42
It didn't help the ME team! We were successful in losing on our own! The reffing was ok overall with a few "interesting" officials. But didn't seem to hinder the proper results in any way

-6th April 2004, 13:20
Originally posted by randomsabreur
With a little help from certain referees!!!!!!!!!!

Hate to say it but that sounds just a little like sour grapes.



P.S. I did see a lot of the Scotland v England WS match and any "controversial" decisions in Scotland's favour towards the end only balanced some less favourable calls earlier on. IMHO.

-6th April 2004, 16:47
What, the 2 clear malparries in the last fight, 1 of which was at 43 all! And the many occasions where it was clearly not together but was called as such, usu at the end of a long attack, throughout the fight.

My impression was that most of the hits where scotland was hard done were theirs but were called as together, while there were a fair few hits that should have been Englands that were given to Scotland.

Bitter, me, never. Ha Ha Ha

-6th April 2004, 18:20
Well whatever you care to believe is fine by me since the official result remains a 45-43 win for Scotland.


Haggis (from the comfort of the winners' circle)

-7th April 2004, 11:11
Haggis is right - the reffing throughout that match was poor both ways. It's easy to remember the shocker at 43-all, but these things even out. Refs can't cock up a decisiopn if there's one light, so that's what we should have got. On paper we should have won both MS and WS, but the Scots out-fenced us overall. I was largely responsible for the MS defeat. Making excuses isn't going to help us win next time round.

-7th April 2004, 11:32

Thank you for the moral support. From what I saw and the majority of opinions I've heard, Scotland didn't get many favours early on in the match whereas England got the worse of the deal later on. The later decisions probably stick in the mind more. Blaming the ref for a loss just seems a bit ungracious, so thanks for the more balanced approach.

Blaming yourself also seems a bit harsh. I'd blame young Moncrieff's fear of extra haggis and whisky if he didn't perform well as the clincher.


Haggis (willing to stop gloating in the interest of peace between nations)

-7th April 2004, 11:43
...and Tigger, you had had the haul to and from Plovdiv earlier in the week - took a lot out of people did that 2 hour coach journey from Sofia to Plov and vice versa, and all the waiting around....:(

Just beat the opponents up, not yersen.

Long Boy
-7th April 2004, 18:40
actually tigger i think you'll recall that sykesy nearly did cock up a one light decision against the irish...

-7th April 2004, 21:13
I have to say that I think any critiscism of the referee is very unfair. As far as I am aware, the referee probably had to pay there own expenses, and would certainly not have been paid. I'm sorry that one memebr of the England team feels that her team were hard done to, but that is the game.

A wise, Scottish, sabreur once said to me as I lamented 'being stitched'.

'Was it one light?' 'No.' 'Then shut up.'

At that level, you should have enough skill to change what you are doing, so that the referee can see what you are doing. If you don't have, then don't whinge, and accept that maybe your opponent is better/ more experienced.

Sorry if this seems harsh, but I'm having a bad week.

Long Boy
-8th April 2004, 13:19
well hopefully shorter block out times on boxes will help solve the disputes.

-8th April 2004, 17:00
Like I said before, a fencer not bitter about losing a close match, possibly not a real fencer!

Anyone who has the misfortune to be anywhere near me if I lose, will know that only too well

As it happens 90% of the hits I was awarded were 1 light, so I was obeying Tigger's instructions in at least to that degree!