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-5th March 2004, 19:34
I just bought a new foil blade from all-star (super BF blue) and its got "CARTEL" etched into the blade at the forte region next to the guard. What is this? Should it not say all-star or uhlmann or something? I didnt get the invoice with it for some reason and i have to lay a hacksaw into it because the tang is cut wrong!

-5th March 2004, 20:30
Cartel are good blades. You've got yourself a good deal.

-5th March 2004, 20:42
Cartel are the forge that make the Uhlmann - Allstar sabre blades (or did at some point).

-7th March 2004, 09:14
Originally posted by Rdb811
Cartel are the forge that make the Uhlmann - Allstar sabre blades (or did at some point).

but BF blades are forged at the Blaise Freres factory in france, the engraving on it by a company means little.

cartel do not forge their own FIE blades

-7th March 2004, 16:31
<heart starts again> thats good....thats good :dizzy:

Barry Paul
-8th March 2004, 08:12
Cartel was a company formed by Blaise Freres to sell a complete range of kit including his B.F. Blades. For some time I beleive Alstar had to buy blades through Cartel. Cartel was run by Jean Dutripon, who previously had been working with Bruno when Soudet was an independant company.

When Soudet was bought out by Prieur, Bruno joined Prieur and Dutripon joined Cartel

Blaise Freres recently sold Cartel to Dutripon. Subsequently Bruno has left Prieur to rejoin his old friend Dutripon to help run Cartel. I hope you have been following this!!!!!!!!!!

Barry Paul

-30th March 2004, 22:01
Hey, Barry,
Doesn' this answer your other thread :
Barry Paul

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Are cartels back?????
At a recent team Championships at Taulbabishopheim

It is alleged.
German ladies epee team are through to Olympics. France has to win to get to the Olympics. Germany losses by 15 hits with top German fencer sitting it out. Next day Mens sabre team France already qualified. Germany must beat France in 1/4 final. Germany wins.

Not that I am suggesting there was any thing going on, but it does make you wonder if the F.I.E. gave their selection procedure any proper consideration.

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-12th March 2004 05:05 AM