View Full Version : Surrey Novices and Intermediates, Surrey Foil

-5th March 2004, 20:23
Some competitions if you live in Surrey or south - west London (venue is Beveley School, New Malden);

Mar 21am: Surrey Novices Foil & Intermediate Epee

Mar 21pm: Surrey Intermediate Foil & Novice Epee

Apr04 Surrey Foil, Individual + Team

Details at www.scfu.homestead.com (including eliagbility reqirements).

There s also a London Intermediate event on the 21st March at Hendon.

-21st March 2004, 18:49
I will see you on the 4th for both the individual and the team.


-21st March 2004, 19:03
Excellant .

Naughty foilist
-22nd March 2004, 07:15
Thank you to the Surrey County Fencing Union, I had fun, and this year feel I earned my shield, even if I was getting changed when you handed out the gongs,...

Just back for another shattered week that began with fencing.
Monday fencing, Tueday fencing, fencing on a Friday night!!!!
Fencing on a Wednesday, LSO on Thursday, fencing on a Friday night! (The Darkness have a lot to answer for,....)

See you on the fourth after dancing on Saturday night. :)

-22nd March 2004, 23:09
Thanks. Hopefully we'll have a nice big entry so that I won't have to fence foil and can run the En Garde.....