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-28th February 2012, 21:02
I've just watched the Horizon episode The Truth About Exercise (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01cywtq). I thought it was interesting. I had heard some of the theories they talk about (I did some sports science as part of my course at uni).

Anyone else watch it?

coach carson
-29th February 2012, 07:56
Very interesting programme and I guess your take on it will depend on where you are coming from. I think the programme highlighted the problem with a one-size-fits-all scheme in that not everyone is built the same and different genes will be better for some types of training and not for others.

-29th February 2012, 08:11
Yeah that's exactly what I was thinking. Some of the things they were talking about have either been in the literature for a long time or long suspected. The genetics was a prime example of that. And I did laugh when the presenter turned out to be in the bottom percentile - hilarious. The good message was, even if you're genetic profile is terrible... do some exercise!

Not quite a Vet
-29th February 2012, 08:58
The Horizon Episode was very interesting, the 3 minute a week regime is even something I could sign up for!

Barry Paul
-29th February 2012, 09:04
Like all magic solutions it not quite as easy as the headlines indicated. The 3 x20 sec of flat out exercise is not something that most people would be able to self motivate.

What I would find interesting is that for some people doing this 3 x 20 sec made very little difference to their v2 max but can that person increase v2 max by traditional exercise?

-29th February 2012, 09:30
Suspect with all things that if you work it in conjunction with other methods then you may see a greater improvement - guess it depends what you're trying to do.

Also I don't think its anything new as I've been told a couple of times about maxing out when I'm on a cross trainer or similar piece of kit. Though it was explained to me as a sort of pulse thing, get warm and relaxed, then go for it for as long as possible, then recover whilst still moving, then go for it again... only difference is the HIT model doesn't have the same stamina/endurance gains as the above apparently gives...

-2nd March 2012, 07:09
Before the Horizon show my fat uncle was raving about this and how he was going to start his 3 minute a week regieme to lose all of his weight. I pointed out that,

A: If you could lose 10 stone through 3 minutes a week of exercise the human race would've died out millenia ago.

B: People doing this fad are probably too lazy to exercise normally and would thus fall off the wagon quickly by rewarding themselves with a big mac or six pack of Tennents super.

C: Only an idiot would believe he could lose significant amounts of weight by doing 3 minutes of exercise a week.

D: If it were true I'd be a fencing GOD and have an eight pack that would be the envy of even Zeus himself along with everyone else at my fencing club.

I watched the documentary and not once was it mentioned as a method to lose weight. It was only spoken about in terms of increasing health. Added to that the bloke that invented the HIT programme was a bit of a porker himself! I could see his shirt buttons straining to keep his ample waistline in check so it obviously didn't work for him unless last year he was 20 stone!

Then the genetics comes into play, I safely predict that in a few months my fat uncle will be off the wagon bemoaning "I'm a poor responder ... it's my genetics!"
Whatever! If you do 3 minutes a week you're gonna have to be one hell of a genetic freak to start losing any weight let alone toning up.

I know that this has to be done alongside a diet and some real exercise, what I'm trying to point out is there are people like my uncle all over this country kidding themselves. He saw the Horizon show and read all the articles, he's an intelligent man with a high paying middle class job. Yet denial is a powerful thing.

They only claimed that the HIT workout would lower fat in the blood and increase v2 max (not sure how it would increase v2 max). Still I say he ate the fry up so where did the fat go? Can they prove the body healthily disposed of it? Did the fat fairy wave her magic wand and it disappeared? Then again he only lowered fat in the blood after he'd been walking the previous night, so my question is what proven benefits has this programme produced on it's own?

-2nd March 2012, 07:31
I think the key thing they omitted from this is that to be able to acheive the results with 3 minutes exercise you already need to be extremely fit in the first place to push yourself sufficiently. A group of us do tabata training once per week, 20 seconds on 10 seconds off 8 cycles. It is not uncommon for atleast one of is to be sick at the very least we are all wretching. That is how hard you need to push to achieve the benefits.. anything else is a waste of time.

-2nd March 2012, 08:37
Agricola - did anyone suggest it was a method for losing weight?

-2nd March 2012, 09:29
Agricola - did anyone suggest it was a method for losing weight?

Not on the show, only my uncle when he visited talking about how he was going to lose weight doing H.I.T.

I just feel that many people have got the wrong impression. Like Cyrano said if you're already training and in shape it's going to be a great asset, otherwise you're wasting your sweat. Also I feel the scientists and documentary makers did their best to omit the fact that alone H.I.T would not help someone lose weight whilst doing there best to imply it.

OK maybe I'm just paranoid ... but sometimes the paranoid are being followed MUAH HAH HAH!

-2nd March 2012, 09:38
The other factor.. is if you do it properly it's hell. 3 minutes sounds like an easy route but it is not. I don't do it more regularly because I couldn't..

Fencing is Fun Scotland
-15th March 2012, 14:42
I watched it.

I decided that I couldn't max out at home, so I'm joining a new gym next week.

I was last a gym bunny in... erm, well, Gav hadn't started fencing back then.

But a couple of points to note.

It's not 3mins of intensity.

It's 20 seconds of intensity, repeated three times.

Then a day or two of recovery, then another 20 seconds of intensity, repeated 3 times.

One key point made in the programme was that you do not need to get to the point of wretching your lunch all over the cardio equipment. After just 2 or 3 weeks, you won't even be breaking a sweat.

And it was implicitly mentioned as a weight loss strategy - building up the muscles so they more actively scavenge food out the blood is going to have an effect.

You still won't out-exercise an uncontrolled eating habit, but your resting metabolic rate will have been raised.

And you'll *feel* fitter, and so you'll be ready to walk about, take the stairs in the office, etc.

Fencing is Fun Scotland
-15th March 2012, 14:45
What I would find interesting is that for some people doing this 3 x 20 sec made very little difference to their v2 max but can that person increase v2 max by traditional exercise?

The answer was, if you want to find out if you're a V2 max non-responder, you can find out by doing a load of exercise over twelve weeks. Or you can try 3 lots of 20 seconds, three times a week for four weeks. Or you can take a blood test.

They'll all tell you the same thing.

-25th July 2012, 06:22
It just says that "Don't put all the egg in the same basket". Everyone is different and his fitness issues are required some specific exercises. This thinking ultimately will increase the need of a personal trainer because a personal trainer can choose the best and suitable exercise for someone's need.