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-6th May 2003, 20:02
Here are some articles from my local paper about fencing (well, about my small school club).

It's from the May 6th Thanet Times. Page 40 (back page) and continued on page 38.

There are some innacuracies in the reporting- for a start, the 'Dr Robert Hume' frequently mentioned as having set up the club, and quoted in the second article, actually has nothing to do with the fencing club, and is merely the teacher who phoned the paper to arrange photographs. The organsation and quote acredited to him, should really go to my wonderful coach Justin Stavri.

The articles are in the 'Fencing' album of this website. (I couldn't attach them, they're too big).

The text in the second article is hard to read, so I've posted it as a seperate image just afterwards.

Photos (http://www.picturetrail.com/Aoife303)