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-9th March 2004, 10:19
My friend at Lincoln created a sandwich. Now this is no ordinary sandwich. Just look at the link, and all shall be explained.


We're hoping to start a cult based around it.

-9th March 2004, 10:39
That's one hell of a sandwich

-9th March 2004, 10:59
I want one of those!

-9th March 2004, 12:10

Boo Boo
-9th March 2004, 12:32
Just what ChubbyHubby would call a little, pre-dinner snack.... ;)


-9th March 2004, 13:42
a devil of a sandwich

I pray Kingsmill write back

nice work

-9th March 2004, 16:58

( forgive my cave-talk, just hungry )

-9th March 2004, 17:02

me and my mates have a good big sandwich! yumyumyum!

-9th March 2004, 21:05
You call that a sandwich this is a sandwich *pulls out a spoon*

-9th March 2004, 21:09
Whats a spoon have to do with a sandwich??? (unless its one of those sandwich cakes-hmm nice!) x
Anyway a sandwich isn't a sandwich unless its got a good filling! I think either BLT or chicken salad. Yum!

-9th March 2004, 22:03
The God of Sandwiches and El Bocadillo Del Diablo? Make up your mind.

It doesn't include meat from the Perfectly Ordinary Beast, does it?

-12th March 2004, 17:14
oooooo, my sandwich is:

fench loaf, cut in half,

layer of mayo on both insides (none of that healthy marg stuff)

then layer of lettuce

more mayo

cheddar cheese

more mayo

chinese chiken stuff

more mayo!

ummmm! yumyum!

-14th March 2004, 01:29
Now that's one hell of a sandwich!!:eek:

-14th March 2004, 08:59
I discovered the best sandwich - made by my mum!
It composes of:
Fluffy white bread
Layer of mayonaise
and Fishfingers??(I thought hmmmm, whats going on??)
the best lunch I have had in ages!!!!!!!!! x

-14th March 2004, 10:52
Hmmm how about the 6ft subway now that and sandwich.

-14th March 2004, 13:07
fish finger sandwiches r ace! my mum luvs em! its what she lived on wen she was a student nurse! lol!

yum yum! i tried to make one once but burnt the fish fingers! oops!

fluffy white bread makes any sandwich bril!

-14th March 2004, 13:46
Hayley hunny you could burn a salad!

-14th March 2004, 13:56
teehee! nah i can do sald, i mite cut myself tho. and once i did try to make a thingy for sald (u now the thing with oil and vinegar) it was horrible! yack!

-14th March 2004, 14:02
U mean a dressing! lol

-14th March 2004, 14:22
yeh, lol! i told u im ill today!

-14th March 2004, 21:37
Buttermilk, that'll get rid of your headache!;)

-15th March 2004, 11:23
*drool* I think I may have to actually eat lunch today, though the sandwiches in the shop on campus won't be a patch on that monster! MMMmmmm.....

-15th March 2004, 11:42
Originally posted by hayleyjade
fish finger sandwiches r ace! my mum luvs em! its what she lived on wen she was a student nurse! lol!

yum yum!

fluffy white bread makes any sandwich bril!

they are in Jamie Oliver's latest Cookbook

I hope that your mum uses Birds Eye Fish Fingers
(prime fillet of cod as opposed to the dodgy stuff some competitors use)

best sarnie in the world tho is BLT the way my wife, Joanne, makes it - awesome

-15th March 2004, 16:18
we have birds eye, no cod tho, haddock all the way!

and mummy wasnt a student when jamie olivers book came out (act yes she was, as she still is a pt student, but not wen she lived on dem sandwiches!)

as for buttermilk, the headache dint set in until the afternoon! afta mummy had been cursing me cos i didnt have one, she was tryign 2 teach me a lesson!

-15th March 2004, 16:51
ahh, we don't have haddock fish fingers in Ireland

tho there is the choice to buy Hoki Fish Fingers - very similar in taste and texture to cod or haddock, but from sustainable fisheries in New Zealand (ensuring that the species is not over-fished, and that the price is kept lower than cod)

-15th March 2004, 17:43
ooo, yum! lol! ur missing out big time without haddock, i never eat cod! mainly cos theyv almost completely stopped fishing it now havent they, and some other random my family thing!

-15th March 2004, 21:37
One word to hayley: DRUNK DRUNK DRUNK DRUNK DRUNK DRUNK and another LIGHTWEIGHT LIGHTWEIGHT LIGHTWEIGHT might not but u that pint is prob to much for you!

-15th March 2004, 21:52
Uk45..You're so mean! Hayley can't possibly be drunk ALL the time! :)

-16th March 2004, 21:32
Well i donno i do kno she was off her face after half a bottle of WKD!

-17th March 2004, 03:32
Originally posted by Sarah
Uk45..You're so mean! Hayley can't possibly be drunk ALL the time! :)

Dunno, but by judging by uk_45's comments, she's drunk only for the part of the day, week, whatever, that she just cannot remember!!
(Sorry Haley, u know we love you!!):)