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-9th March 2004, 11:54
Found an old coaching jacket by a company called Jasco. Has anyone ever heard of them? Do they still exist, and does anyone know anything at all about them?

Good jacket too, but kind of old.

-9th March 2004, 12:07
There's been a thread on this before. Company set up in Somerset by Prof. John Saunders in the 70's. It won't adhere to new regulations.

-9th March 2004, 16:35
Does it still exist?

-9th March 2004, 17:34
My first ever fencing kit was Jasco. This was in about 1979/1980. From what I remember it was ok kit and cheaper than LP, but could take ages to arrive. I also think that it was mostly Soudet kit imported from France. Needless to say Jasco is no longer going as a company. I think it ceased trading sometime in the 1980s. I think that Soudet have merged or been taken over by Prieur. Their kit is pretty good stuff and available from

-11th March 2004, 11:33