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-9th March 2004, 15:50
Just a quick message for all of you who have been selected to go the worlds (congratulations!)

You should have hopefully all received a clothing order form from Janet Mepstead. Please Please Please complete this form and get back to me or Janet immediately with whatever kit requirements you have, we really have very little time to get the kit ready and out to you in time, so every day you delay will reduce significantly the chance of receiving you kit!

As regards GBR tracksuits please disregard the statement on your paperwork which states that you 'must have a GBR tracksuit if attending the Worlds' This isn't the case (you will not be penalised for not having one) and although we will do everything in our power to have the tracksuits ready and out to you in time, because of the very short lead time we were given they may not be ready.
Provided your orders are received in the next 2 days all other kit (sweatshirts/ polo shirts etc) will be ready.

If you have any questions or need to place an order if you haven't already done so, email me @ aorge@tempestsports.com or send me a pm (please also cc Janet on the email SJMEPO@aol.com)

Good Luck

Alp (Tempest Sports)

-29th March 2004, 10:20
Important note for all of you who have ordered kit for the Junior Worlds

Unfortunately as expected it was impossible to get the tracksuits made up in time, however we have managed to make up about 80% of the rest of the kit and this will be distributed to those who ordered it tommorow morning (tuesday 7am) at the airport by Janet Mepstead. In some cases this will mean that you won't receive your complete order, however we have tried to ensure that everybody who has ordered kit will receive the majority of their order.

All outstanding kit orders will be delivered upon your return.

Sorry about this but in the time we were given to get this ready this was the best we could do.