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-9th March 2004, 17:15
I'm in the market for a new epee at the moment and was planing to get a BF blue blade with the leon paul lightweight stuff and leather french grip which I'm used to. Unfortunately Leon Paul don't stock BF blue blades (I'm not sure if this means they can't get them in, or can but it would take a while?) so if I want one i'm gonna have to get it elsewhere, the main thing i'm wondering is if the method of attatching the leon paul pommel to the tang would work on a BF blade from another company or do all the others attatch by threading the entire tang? (as opposed to the slotted tang with no threading as per LP).

Barry Paul
-9th March 2004, 17:57
however we don't sell many so I am not sure if any are in stock. Contact me at work tommorrow and I will have checked the position. Barry Paul