View Full Version : Best Club in Hampshire

-9th March 2004, 17:50
Hi y'all,

I want to ask a question. Does anyone know what the best epee club in Hampshire is? Live near the New Forrest?
Me and my friend at home during hols and want to fence. About 1 yrs expereince. want to get really good..

thank you!!!!!!

Dave Hillier
-10th March 2004, 16:00
Well if you are in the new forest your best bets are probably Sway or Espada (In Bourmouth).


Failing that Wessex blades in Salisbury.


Southampton only has the uni club and we are fairly quiet over the summer. Winchester is pretty much only foil.

-11th March 2004, 11:59
You could try Beauclerk, although its a bit out of your way:


I fenced there about a year and a half ago. It was small, but very friendly and with lots of time for individual lessons.