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-9th March 2004, 17:59
The all new RAF fencing website is up and running.
Take a look and enjoy, we welcome your feed back.


-10th March 2004, 15:43
Cool website with some good photos - I kept expecting to see the fletching fencer logos in the classic red arrows climbing peel away maneouver.

-10th March 2004, 15:59
Good to see Sgt McNulty still hogging the limelight in the Gallery page ;)

-10th March 2004, 19:14
Well what did you expect really :grin:

though they were kind enough to let me creep into a few of them (or they forgot to cut me out)

-11th March 2004, 08:43
great website - simple to use, good use of colour, nice articles.

I like the fact that you've gone through the BFA calender and given advice as to which Opens to look out for...maybe give contact details or a link to the BFA calender on those comps.

I don't know how the RAF fencing works, but could you post the names of clubs close to bases so wherever you are posted you know which club you can go to?

Actually could you do that for all your bases around the world ? for instance, I know (as my parents live there) there is a strong fencing club in Kuwait (particularly Epee, some Sabre)

Would everyone know where RAF fencing takes place? Is it just Uxbridge?

Minor thing, could you change your Irish Fencing link to:
you are pointing to the old website that hasn't been updated since 1874

anyway, nice work!:skywalk: :fencingsm

-12th March 2004, 12:42
for more photo's use the link in my profile.