View Full Version : Freesat announce an additional 24 channels of HD for the Olympics

-27th April 2012, 17:20
Just received an email saying:

Freesat have announced they will carry all of the BBC’s 24 live HD Olympic channels throughout the London 2012 Olympics, offering the full range of live BBC Olympics coverage, bringing every Olympic sport from every Olympic venue.

In addition to the 24 temporary BBC HD Olympics channels listed in the Freesat TV Guide, Freesat viewers will also be able to access the live 'streams' via the BBC Red Button service.

-12th May 2012, 13:21
So are the Beeb now covering the fencing? When the schedule was first announced, they were covering all sports bar one (take a guess).

-15th May 2012, 13:40
The BBC are showing every hour of live sport through their website and the 24 extra channels being carried by Freesat.

Official launch of their coverage: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/olympics/18071080

British Fencing
-15th May 2012, 14:00
Sport-by-sport commentary teams:

TV: Karim Bashir, Graham Bell.

-15th May 2012, 14:09
I'm really looking forward to seeing fencing carried on the BBC and seeing what they make of it.

-15th May 2012, 14:35
I'm looking forward to seeing it too. Graham Bell is one of my preferred BBC presenters.

Karim Bashir has been very good in all the recent stuff he's been covering as well.
My only criticism: someone should tell him to do some extra background reading. During his coverage of Stockholm (I think) I heard him say that "We don't often see non-combativity called in the poules, but it does happen sometimes." No, no it doesn't, Karim. Please don't say that on TV. I was also watching the final of the Kiev World Champs MTE final, and he only found out during the match that France held the record for consecutive wins of a major championships (8 wins and were going for a 9th) - pretty important piece of information, especially considering the USA managed to burst their bubble. This is the kind of thing you expect commentators to be telling YOU about! I'm sure Graham Bell will be doing some homework for this. Would look embarrassing if the fencing expert knew less than the celebrity presenter. Rule book, recent and historical FIE results and rankings, making sure he knows how to pronounce the names of everyone involved... that kind of thing shouldn't be too tough to do in >2months.

I think this post sounds more critical than I mean it, and it is meant to be constructive...
I do think Karim does a good job and I really like having fencing events covered live, it's a great initiative and is undoubtedly bringing the sport into both the limelight and the 21st century.
It's just because this is the Olympics and it's actually going to be on tele for once that I'm hoping for an even slicker operation than usual.

Good luck and I look forward to watching!

-15th May 2012, 18:37
"I'm sure Graham Bell will be doing some homework for this."

I think we saw Graham Bell at the European Championship in sheffield last year. So looks like he's already started.

-15th May 2012, 21:28
He was also at the test event.