View Full Version : West Midlands Open Video

Steve Johnson
-16th May 2012, 02:08
Thanks to Peter Baron and John Crouch for their parts in running an enjoyable tournament, my first in Britain for 28 years. I didn't go quite as well as I might have hoped, but I still had a ball. For those interested, here's one semi and the final of the MS.



-7th June 2012, 15:00
I don't wish to appear rude, but what age category is this, I only ask as you say you've not fenced in Britain for 28 years (both sides don't look 'that old')?

Steve Johnson
-9th June 2012, 12:00
It's a 40+ comp, I'm 48. My last competition experience in Britain before this was winning the Hereford & Worcester Junior Epee in 1984. I then emigrated to Australia and had a 'rest' until 2008.