View Full Version : New Lame!!!

-10th March 2004, 13:32
I've taken particular interest in the new(ish) LP Lame lightweight pinstripe foil ( code: f6o lw ) and noticed on the description and photo no info on how its fastened!! any clues guys?? is it front or back zipped???????????

-10th March 2004, 14:54
I can't imagine LP producing a back zip only lame. But try contacting Barry Paul for info (or use the email address for the shop on the contact page of the LP website).

-10th March 2004, 15:30
We do left and right handed front fastening zip lames as usual.

-10th March 2004, 21:18
Oh it is Front zip!! just from the picture you couldnt make out a zip on the lame and thats why i queried it!! thanks anyway kk

-11th March 2004, 11:40
Apparently they are really good.

-11th March 2004, 21:31
I just got one. REALLY NICE!!!! You will not be disapointed!!:)