View Full Version : 500,000 Olympic fencing Ticket Gamble will heads roll at B.F.?

Barry Paul
-29th June 2012, 10:42
The Title should read what a fantastic Job British fencing has done for it's members is allowing them to obtain/purchase tickets to see fencing, but I thought a bad/negative news headlines might get more attention.

I originally thought that British fencing had been given 3000 tickets to sell to it's members as a B.F. money making scheme. Not so, British fencing had to buy tickets at full face value. Initially they were told they could not even cover the cost of postage and admin.

So British fencing purchased with money up front 5000 tickets (on a sale or return basis so there was no long term financial dangers). The logistics of organising a fair offering of tickets to individual members is not an operation we at Leon Paul would contemplate. I know at the beginning there were problems but every member had a chance of getting some tickets, the tickets are being sent out in an orderly way. So thank you to David King and his team for a great job, well done under great difficulties.

-29th June 2012, 11:07
Thanks very much to BF for doing this I got my tickets through this week and have a very excited 13 year old who can't wait to see the men's foil

-29th June 2012, 11:49
Great job BF and especially David King :not_worth. His willingness to engage 1 to 1 regarding where they were in the process was great customer service.

I'm most impressed with the location of my seats too (right in the middle :D), compared to those I got through the 2012 ticket site (at one end :) - it's still a smiley cos at least I'm there!)

-29th June 2012, 13:19
My only complaint is I didn't realise BFA were doing tickets sooner. The tickets through BFA are significantly better than the ones through 2012 ticketing, good job!

-29th June 2012, 17:05
I have my tickets now. Great touch with the travel pass. Looking forward to seeing some great fencing. :)

Thanks British Fencing and David King in particular.

-30th June 2012, 14:35
Credit where credit is due, well done BF & Dave King.