View Full Version : Satire on Olympic selection across the sports

-29th June 2012, 17:50
Fencing gets a mention:


-29th June 2012, 19:13
Very good. I think the triatheletes might also get a mention on there, and some of the shooters and divers. Why does this seem to be a common thread? Does the performance director role across all these sports have to demonstrate making "hard choices" to justify their existence? Or are all these atheletes really deluded as to their personal (and relative) merits?

Incidentally, I think we can all take a moment to appreciate where the only "quote" on that page that already sounded satirical enough to be made up already was from...

-29th June 2012, 20:38
“Nobody really notices the Europeans or the rankings. But if Aaron won an Olympic medal without our expertise, our regimens and our coaching, it would prove to everyone that we weren’t really needed. The last thing we want is for potential GB competitors to realise is that all they truly need is talent and drive. If everyone began defecting in droves, our government funding would be slashed.”

GB performance director Gary Hall

At least fencings PD wasn't dumb enough to have said this!!!!