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-12th March 2004, 18:15
"The sabreur: A species of thick stocky build, corpulant and has alchoholic tendancies. Often found smoking outside a venue between bouts."

True or no? I found this defenition somewhere and wondered if it's correct.

-12th March 2004, 21:55
Where the heck did you find this stereotyping? from an epeeist's or foilist's website?

Definitely a typical description of a butcher, not sabreurs.
Look at the built of Monatano, Covaliu, Lukashenko and Poz. Are they stockily built? So there goes your theory.
[Since i don't know these gentlemen personall, only via video tapes, i can't answer re the other observations.]

Most of the sabreurs I know in this neck of N. America don't drink, don't smoke, are not corpulent, though one of my sabreur mates is, but he is the exception rather than the rule.

Look at the screen saver from LP re the 2003 British nationals, how many corpulent people do you see, eh?


-13th March 2004, 02:43
stocky build : Check
corpulant : Check
alchoholic tendancies : Check

Sabreur? All the way :grin:

-13th March 2004, 17:15
I believe this definition is from fencingsucks.com , and if you can't see the fact that it was a joke and needed to post for clarification, we might add "dense" to the description of fencers from whatever weapon you represent :tongue:

-13th March 2004, 17:25
Possibly checking to see if there was any substance to the joke ?

I fit the bill, but am only casula sabreur these days.

-15th March 2004, 11:33
Was told that in Jersey, and I apologise for any offence this post caused. Most of the sabreurs I've come across (Army and Navy teams) did meet the description, and I was curious as to whether it was a universal steriotype, but from the comments I guess it is unfortunately so.

-16th March 2004, 11:27
In this country, smoking is the least likely characteristic, but would apply most fencers on the continent, (memory of almost choking walking to doors to venue of A-Grade due to amount of cigarette smoke in vicinity)

Stocky, and likes a few beers fits most sabreurs, although there are a few exceptions. Winton and excalibur spring to mind as examples! And the quinte parry is v. v. important the morning after the night before

-16th March 2004, 11:53

-9th April 2004, 17:30
what did that person have against saber's?

-9th April 2004, 18:00
Sounds about right really yeah.

-9th April 2004, 18:36
Originally posted by randomsabreur
And the quinte parry is v. v. important the morning after the night before

This is true, however it is also important to remember no to lunge when feeling under the weather as my team captain found out when he spewed on the piste at Excalibur last year :)

-9th April 2004, 18:38
I dont think there is a rule against spewing on the piste!

-12th April 2004, 19:06
It is however rather embarassing (the person who did this (on the piste next to his which was at that time unoccupied) at the Bristol) has not yet been allowed to forget it.

Fencing with a hangover plain hurts, and it is embarassing to be helped up by your teammates and pointed at your opponent before each bout. It is worse when you decide that you want to wait before going home because you don't really feel fit to drive (if nothing else the service stations are always too far apart!!!

-12th April 2004, 19:12
I know my opponent, its the whitish silverish blurr facing me!

-13th April 2004, 10:35
I recall a team match a year or so back. Cocktail stick and knitting needle types all warming up, stretching, checking kit etc. Sabreurs in the cafe/bar eating bacon/egg/sausage sandwiches and complaining that bar was not open at 0800hrs !!- Always amuses me how someone comes up with the names of the great and good each time. For every World Champ contender there are 1000's of "for the hell/fun of it" types whose idea of serious fencing is someway off of an international's training schedule!

-13th April 2004, 13:56
Mmmmmm a bacon buttie and a pint of guiness please :)

-13th April 2004, 14:47
The only fencers I know who don't know how to drink are all too young to do so!

And most of the rest have at one time or another hit the piste on a competition day suffering on at least one occasion.

How many threads have we seen re hangovers, cures and causes on here to allow us to believe that we should all be of the "my body is a temple" attitude [mine's a temple to Bacchus anyhow]

Oh....to any cadets and juniors who read this: it's not true really, and you should avoid all alcohol and cholestrol heavy diets if you are going to get anywhere.

Ok, Sabreurs..... we all know you start later so as to get breakfast, elevenses and lunch in before you get to the piste

-13th April 2004, 19:23
No it just shows it a more sensible weapon you get a nice sleep and meal before you step onto the piste.

-14th April 2004, 03:25
Plus you get to shout Et La more than any other weapon :grin:

-14th April 2004, 14:52
ahh the suttle joys of sabre

-22nd April 2004, 23:13
Before a tourney, avoid baked beans at all cost.

You won't get the jet propulsion you think you'll get. The darn thing will just sit in your stomach weighing you down.

The morning of a tourney, if it's early enough, a hearty bacon and eggs, with toast or buttermilk pancakes would be nice. It'd last the whole day.

If not, an egg McMuffin and coffee will do.


-23rd April 2004, 02:16
The Sabreur's Breakfast (TM)

Hash Browns
Eggy Bread
Grilled Tomato
HP Sauce
Pint of Guinness

Now that's how to start a tourney day :grin:

-23rd April 2004, 08:20
I'd exchange the HP sauce for some english mustard

-23rd April 2004, 11:44
or a crate of Rocquettes cider..