View Full Version : Blade requirements for Singapore, help please.

-1st July 2012, 17:01
A little help needed please. I know this is a tad early but you all know how expensive kit is, and I'm trying my best to budget and get as much done as I possibly can, so, I'm in the process of upgrading my kit before September for Singapore. After reading the CFFC rules posted on the Singapore site they state that "maraging blades must be used", well my foil & epee blades are already maraging, but does that mean that I have to upgrade my S2000 sabre blades to maraging or will my nice plain ordinary LP S2000's do? Would appreciate the help. Thanks in anticipation.

-1st July 2012, 18:17
I have never been asked to use a maraging sabre blade at any competition so I am sure your Leon Paul S200 sabre blade will be fine. It is what I will take.

-1st July 2012, 18:19
Sorry , I mean S2000.

-1st July 2012, 22:15
Maraging blades are not required for sabre events.

-2nd July 2012, 04:46
Merci beaucoup guys, so pleased that's a "little" expense that I shan't be worrying about now. Just the bigger expenses, having just seen John's form - 75 per individual entry seems a little steep, I'd thought it was a typo originally.