View Full Version : Scottish U12, U17 & U20 Championships.

-12th March 2004, 21:12
Attention all eligible fencers, West Fife Fencing Club are hosting the Scottish U12, U17 & U20 Foil, Epee & Sabre Championships on the 27th & 28th of March in Glenrothes, Fife.
Find the entry forms here http://www.sabreguy.plus.com/Entryforms.htm.
We need as many entries as possible, so please try and get there! Thanks - Sabreguy

-12th March 2004, 22:27
What, all five foilists? How will you cope!!!

-13th March 2004, 12:22
yay! sounds good. i've been looking for something other than opens for a while. mainly so i can fence folk my own age. i'll definately be there as long as im free on the day.


-13th March 2004, 21:18
Five foilists.................damn, I thought that we had six!

-13th March 2004, 21:57
what kind of numbers would you be hoping for? i'll have to try and get some of the folk from my club who havent been to comps yet to give it a try. do you think it would be a good first comp for people?

-13th March 2004, 22:00
Where is your club based?

-13th March 2004, 22:18
aberdeen. its the rgu uni club. but there are also non-students (like me) who go.

-13th March 2004, 22:44
To give you an idea, there were only five in the sabre last year, but Foil and Epee attract more entries.
As for it's suitability as a first comp - well, they'll be up against the best in Scotland. A good experience but a hell of a steep learning curve!
Having said that, all are welcome!

-13th March 2004, 23:08
well i'll definately come and have a go.have to see what some of the other folk say. i reckon i'll get at least one other guy to go for the epee. i might see if a couple of the girls will give foil a go. it might be that an open would be a better start for them. at least they'd be garenteed more fights???


-14th March 2004, 08:43
No, I think that they'll get plenty fights - I was just thinking about the quality of the opposition, what with them being inexperienced.
Regardless, we 'd be glad to see you!

-14th March 2004, 11:56
yea, i know what you mean. its just that sometimes its diffiult to get folk to go to opens. i thought it might help that it's split into age groups. im sure someone at my club will have a much better idea than me of whether or not they should go.

-21st March 2004, 07:46
from my club's email....

>But, while you are there, is there any chance of rounding you up for a bit of refereeing on the weekend of the 27/ 28 March? We have Scotland's U20, U17 and U12 championships - a 14 weapon event, no less - taking place in Glenrothes and the organisers are telling me they may have to cancel if they can't get more referees. No, don't hang up; tell your friends, too. Every little will
help - it doesn't have to be all day both days - and it's likely that lifts from Edinburgh can be arranged. And if there's anyone in the Uni club who's still Under 20, please encourage them to enter. It's probably quite fertile soil for pot hunting (in the metallic sense).

>Alan (Loveland)
>Temporary Executive Administrator
>Scottish Fencing
>589, Lanark Road,
>Edinburgh. EH14 5DA
>tel 0131 453 9074

-21st March 2004, 11:59
must go send that form off right now. thanks for the reminder.