View Full Version : any iron maiden fans here?

iron maiden fan
-16th March 2004, 13:58
where are you?

fav album etc?

seen em live?

-16th March 2004, 21:30
Erm Yep Big fan Big Big Big fan in fact most of our club is all our club kit is duellist loyal buggers!!

Erm baised in Chester,

Fav album donno dance of death is great!!!! like Number of the beast and powerslave and seventh son, and well most of em!

Saw em live at M.E.Nthey kicked ass. shame funeral for a friend were so bad! Cudnt warm up for a big band!

If you know a workiong contact for bruce i really wanna fence him!

Pointy stick
-18th March 2004, 17:06
Not a fan, as such, but I have seen them loud, and they were very live.

Not as loud as Motorhead, but much much louder than Dave Brubeck. Although, to be fair, Dave Brubeck wasn't playing at Rock City.;)

-19th March 2004, 11:55
sorry, but u kno i thnk they're ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-19th March 2004, 11:56
even tho they r loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-19th March 2004, 14:33
I wouldn't say they are that loud. they aint what people think. i have seen alot of louder bands

-19th March 2004, 20:21
Great band!

-23rd March 2004, 10:06