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-9th April 2003, 12:48
The Latest results will be posted on the Leon Paul website on the 12th.


3 Card Trick
-9th April 2003, 21:32
Ah! But who's results and will they be right this year?:cool:

Barry Paul
-9th April 2003, 22:06
the leon Paul series is run by people in their free time, Leon Paul coordinator does his best but can only post results he gets sent. There were some problems last year, with several incorrect results(it would help if each fencers always entered with exactly the same initial, name and club or makes sure it is correct on the pools sheets.) Sorry we will try harder this year.

-10th April 2003, 14:42
The junior series was the best thing to happen in youth fencing in this country it got me and my bro started and look at us now we occasionally work for Barry! What we need is a good system to bring all the youngsters who participate through to senior level. What can we do. ;)

-10th April 2003, 17:23
i think the problem here is when people go to university they either dont look into finding a club or cant afford to stay on and so drop out of the sport, or simply get more interested in the pub and girls and forget about fencing:grin: :beer: :spin:

-11th April 2003, 12:05
Some students (mainly, but not exclusively female) actually get interested in BOYS, James :moon:

-11th April 2003, 13:30
ehhhhhhh boys:shoot:

ahhhhhhh beer:drink:

-11th April 2003, 15:16
Jamie you have nothing to worry about just dont stop fencing and take up the beer and girls things the perfect plan;)

-11th April 2003, 19:52
ill do that "gold". you have the girls and the beer sorted ben (although morning after not to good) but need to take ip the actual fencing part now.:grin:

-17th April 2003, 19:48
You just concentrate on catching up with me muppet;)

-19th April 2003, 08:41
Hmmm hung over fencing... very fond memories of IV.

-28th April 2003, 21:26
So we have to go to University before the drinking and boys? Whoops :tongue: