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-7th May 2003, 11:30
Now, to solve some of the difficulties of those who are forced to mail order, I'm posting this new question regarding grips:
Taking into account and PUTTING ASIDE that each hand has its own characteristics, does each grip has its uses?
Can we catalogue the different fortes of the various pistol grips according to manoeuvres or schools of fencing?

In particular reference: German Visconti, Belgian grips, Russian grips.
If you can think of any other type that's prevailing - by all means add it.

I'm referring only to pistol grips, as the difference between them and French grips is known.


-7th May 2003, 12:54
I am tempted to say that exact shape of the grip will have very little to do with which styles it suits. The diferences in shape are so minimal (relatively) that I think that they only really alter how comfortable they feel in the hand.

Really the factor that most affects the style of fencing a weapon suits is the set on the handle.