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-9th August 2012, 08:44
Now that the fencing is over for the olympics, I am finding that I am already getting withdrawal symptoms from the sport, atmosphere and the warm up team. As I used up all of my holiday pay working at the olympics I unfortunately can't work for the paralympics (dispite rembering how much fun it was being a frame handler at the europeans in sheffeild). In order to help with my withdrawal symptoms I would love to get some tickets to watch some of the wheelchair fencing/have a reunion with the members of the warm up team, however the only day I can make it is apprently sold out :(

If anybody has any tickets/day passes (preferably 2) for saturday the 8th of sept (mens team event) that you dont want anymore pleas PM me as soon as you can. I will be forever in your debt :)

Thank you


-9th August 2012, 20:14
I will be forever in your debt :)

Ah, you mean you're not going to pay for them?

(Sorry couldn't resist... ;) )

St George
-27th August 2012, 15:03
More tickets released today.

Day passes (which will provide non allocated seating in all events as available) only.

Only the 6th for Excel but others sports allocated seating includes a day pass for wheelchair fencing. So if you buy a ticket for say boccia you can come into the wheelchair fencing so long as there is space.

-27th August 2012, 19:23
Its OK I have already bought a day pass for the friday (7th). I wanted the Sat but there were no tickets left for the venue that day. Looking forward to seeing some of the other sports there as well :)