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-19th March 2004, 02:05
I just baught a new lp mask, the first time i took it off, one of the rivits broke on the back strap. Now normally i would just send it back and get it replaced as i have only had it out of box for, less than 24 hours. However, I have a tourney coming up april 10th, and i live on the west coast of the united states, and im not exactly sure how i could get it back in time. So, im searching for a faster solution. Can i poprivit the velcro back in? or is there a specific solution, its not a saber mask so i dont have to really worry about if its conductive...just what is the best way to fix this?

Im also kinda pievved cuz i keep breaking random tiny parts on simple things, (broke a grub screw off in a tip, yes...thats broke a grub screw...in half...while still screwwed in...Its not my month in fencing glory)

-1st April 2004, 11:44
Just sticking a poprivet through it will see you right, no problem at all - I've done this to a couple of f/e masks in the past and it's as good as the factory fitting.

You may want to contact LP and see if they can ship you out a replacement in time for the comp, however - in which case DON'T poprivet it - as that seems like a manufacturing defect.

-2nd April 2004, 10:05
My foil mask has many dents in it and wondered if ne one knows when i should consider replacing it?

Boo Boo
-2nd April 2004, 10:17
Do you do competitions? If so, get an armourer to check it out.

Personally, I would always rather be safe than sorry (and would replace it with a good Foil/Epee/Sabre mask - always seem a lot more robust than the "foil" masks")...


-2nd April 2004, 10:44
I would still contact Barry to let him know that you have had a problem. In general, I find LP kit of very good quality.

Boo Boo
-2nd April 2004, 10:55
(just to clarify, my post was in answer to Shadow's and not the original post...)


-6th April 2004, 06:40
Until you got the word from Barry, what's wrong with just sewing it on with some stout thread, like sailmaker's thread?


Use a french-handled weapon to straighten out the dents, this is another usu. overlooked benefit of a french-grip weapon.


-14th April 2004, 13:14
If you do pop rivet the strap back on, enlarging the hole slightly with a meat skewer enables the rivet to go in easier.

-15th April 2004, 02:53
AHHhhhh, yes, the old meat skewer trick!!;)

-20th April 2004, 21:08
I got one with a missing rivet, I used a tie wire to fix it. Tie wires and zip ties are probably not up to FIE standards... but who cares? If you want to use pop rivets, you need a rivet gun. They are going to rust though, might want to get stainless rivets if you can find them.

-21st April 2004, 09:15
I would certainly not recomend using a tie-wire on the mask.

Any protrusion may catch the end of your oponents blade and,best case, transfer all impact force to that area, or worse case snap it with potential serious consequences. If you have to present it at weapons control it would fail, because of this danger.

The shape of the mask is angled so that any hit would glance off in order to lessen this force.

If you go to competitions in the States, perhaps an armourer can pop a rivet in for you, I dont know how much they charge over there, it,s probable that over here you would get it done for 1 or less. If not you can maybe borrow a riveter or buy one for less than 10