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-14th September 2012, 19:59
Dear Gav,

I know you are the moderator, but by chance that you are also the developer is there any possibility of a "funny button" ;) being integrated into the forum site - to be awarded for posts that deserve it.

I know this would most probably be manipulated, but then you could also have a purpose built "sarcastic" button as well, so 'true funny' could be highlighted.

I don't think 'Like' would fulfil the needs of fencers but "funny" well now you're talking.

I am serious. :o

Yours sincerely,



That's certainly possible. The "like" function is certainly there in the latest version of Vbulletin and it's easy enough to hack something together.

'Like' is enabled on the US forum and it really does equate to the same thing. I have a ton of likes over there and it's mostly for funny posts.


ps. You could put this in the comments and suggestions section!

-3rd October 2012, 09:06
I agree with Gav!

...and I would still like him to consider developing, amongst other forum indicators, a funny/laughter button, a you cannot be serious button, a do you know what year we are in button, and a, measure the professional experience, IQ and intellect button, of specifically, fencing 'enthusiasts'...PLEASE!

But you will anyway.

Yeah I know. Westminster shouldn't have open sessions. The Scottish Executive shouldn't have a public gallery. People shouldn't be involved in the politics of any enterprise they have an interest in. Oh wait... they have closed sessions for "sensitive" issues too. They seem to be able to manage the concept of open debate and security (within reason... I don't want to completely go off on one about the idiots in charge).

So that we can be clear: I'm actually pretty neutral on the whether board meetings should be broadcast. Other meetings such as the AGM should - it's a complete no brainer.

But here we go.

The problem any board is going to face is that British Fencing have consistently burned the membership. In both their attitude towards fencers in general ("enthusiasts"), dismissiveness of open discourse, the itch to reach for lawyers, poor selection choices, lack of expertise... need I go on?

Being more open would go a long way to re-establishing some trust in their decision making. The board need to address that.

No one says there can't be a session which is closed off for some reason (child protection was mentioned) but the actual reasons for this should be pretty few and far between. What exactly are the board worried about?

The actual reason I started the other thread was that I thought it was interesting that the USFA have chosen to start doing this. They have many of the same problems as us (in many ways more) and their membership are far more vocal. It's a much riskier proposition for them to allow people to see the inner workings of their sport because, quite honestly, the interested parties are potentially far worse.

Perhaps if the high ups want to come down from the mountain and speak to the people for 5 minutes they might just be able to rebuild the community's faith in them. So long as they leave off the stone tablets.

Graphic Forum indicators, beyond the smiley face, of which I am a great fan, could potentially add a valuable dimension of honesty and diplomacy to forum posts, that cannot be adequately responded to by positive and negative rep.