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Christian J
-21st March 2004, 18:26
Hello one and all. I have been out of fencing for about 4 years, but I've got back ino things and have been training really hard for the last 6 months. I have done alright this year, (first competion was the Merseyside Open), I've just been selected by my region for the Winton Cup team! Nice to see that theirs lots of fencers out there wanting to share experiences and knowledge. Keep it up!:starfight

-21st March 2004, 20:16
hi welcome into the insanity!

i can bet you this thread will be taken over by resident welcomer wierdos, myself, uk_45 and devalleassoc, o and kingbunny may appear just to insult me!

how did you do at the MOFT? what weapon?

also, are you mad? if you are youll fit right in! if you arent and you find some sanity please direct me AWAY from it!

-21st March 2004, 20:44
Well hayley i aint posting on this thread so that doesnt happen. Ah opps to late, well that didn't work did it!

Anyhows hello and welcome to the forum i mean mad house no wait i mean forum..............oh im confussed

Christian J
-4th April 2004, 16:04
Yeh I would definatley say I'm a bit mad. I looks like it might help!

I came 3rd in the mens foil at the MOFT. Not bad for my first competion in 4yrs. Last time i did the MOFT I got hammered by a bloke called Patrick Forrester in the last 32. about 15-2 I think. How about you, have you had any resuts this year?

-4th April 2004, 16:48

3rd in the MOFT thats good, very good well done!

-4th April 2004, 21:14
yeh! well done!

i was in the yorkshire sportuing league comp, i won my section
under 16 girls foil!

-4th April 2004, 21:18
And i was down at cardiff doing the closed sabre dont know why its like 200 mile more than the moft!