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-6th October 2012, 19:50
Hi Guys, I'm looking to come down to the AGM on the 20th and looking to book trains etc. will be travelling from Liverpool so could be handy to know how long it's likely to go on for.

Any ideas?

-10th October 2012, 16:37
I've allowed until 14:00 in my diary for the AGM.

I think it's unlikely to run much longer than that, as there is a board meeting planned to follow on from the AGM.

-17th October 2012, 16:38

Do come along this Saturday. 11am at the BOA HQ in Charlotte Street London.

David Teasdale has said in addition to the formal agenda, honours , approving the accounts, election results etc there will be an Open Forum and questions.

Come along to:-

Congratulate those awarded honours.
Meet the new Directors
Meet the new CEO
Question your directors and find out what you want to know.
Say goodbye to those retiring.

I hope to see you there and to say goodbye personally.


Foilling Around
-17th October 2012, 18:12
Anyone any ideas of the best place to park?

Hungry Hippo
-17th October 2012, 21:18
Anyone any ideas of the best place to park?

Edgware tube station, reet close to the M1. Take the Northern line straight to Goodge St and it's just around the corner.

Trust me - those goons from Camden Council will rip you off royally if you try to park on the street, and NCP will do the same if you park off-street! Just round the corner, Westminster will charge even more 24/7!