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-7th May 2003, 20:21
Just found this site via the Sword. Seems a good idea to post first to "New Members Introductions", so I'm Joe Haig, a "mature" student at Manchester University. I'd be interested to know if there is anyone here who might know me from York Uni (92-95) or Warwick (95-96).



-8th May 2003, 09:32
Howdy Joe,

I'm also a new member. Hello everybody!!

I was at Warwick '93 - '96 - also maths - and a regular on a Wednesday night at Westwood. Naturally, I was studying too hard for finals to fence, which may explain why your name is not familiar (either that, or a series of fencing frenzies obliterated my memory banks...) - :confused:

Following a break of far too long, I started fencing again about 2 years ago, with renewed enthusiasm. Success and then world domination are destined to follow.

Any other ex-Warwick fencers out there?....


-8th May 2003, 09:34
Hello if you get the sword what did you think? I still think a bit more colour and a section on the international scene would make it better.

-8th May 2003, 10:01
The Sword is rather GBR biased. Obviously the focus should be on regional and national fencing, but an international flavour would not go amiss. (NB I have only seen this month's edition as I have only just joined the BFA - so my view may not be wholly representative.)

What do other fencers think about promoting European events/competitions and profiling some of the top fencers and clubs? Sadly, unless there is a British presence, reports on elite competitions don't often make for exciting reading.

The Sword's Dutch counterpart (the aptly named Touché) is equally home biased, but there are occasional reports on competitions at all levels which were attended by Dutch fencers.

Personally, I think that any info on Interantional fencing would generate interest and potentially encourage more fencers to take part in overseas events, which can only be good for fencing in general.

See also my post on international competitions.....

If anyone is interested in foreign competitions, check out the Nahouw network. This was set up and is maintained by a clubmate of mine and contains a good up to date list of most open competitions throughout Europe (mainly German and Dutch but also some French and Scandinavian).

Via Nahouw, you can view a calendar of upcoming events for your weapon, obtain information on the competition and enter online.

Check out http://www.nahouw.net/

-8th May 2003, 12:27
I saw the Sword last time. I too thought it could do with a bit more colour... it seemed a little grey.

I liked the information on opens on the second to last page, and the articles were interesting to read.

Boo Boo
-8th May 2003, 13:55
Another way to get a more international perspective is to get "Escrime" (also known as the "Rene Roch" fanzine...).

It comes out about 2 or 4 times a year (am not sure) and is sent free when you have an FIE licence (available from the BFA for £15).

So if you don't have an FIE licence yourself, you might know someone with one and you could always borrow a copy.


-8th May 2003, 14:06
"Escrime" magazine - all the same boring articles, but each one's repeated three times!

Every time I see that magazine, it's got:
A whinging piece by Roch complaining about flicking or manners on the piste
An article about the technical changes they want to make to kit to disable the flick hit
A bunch of results you can get from http://www.fie.ch/classement
Whinging letters about inclusion/exclusion of events from the Olympics
and a report from a fencing club in the arse end of Iraq, Tajikistan, Britain or some other fencing backwater.

and still it's far better than the Sword, and a million times better than The Point (the Scottish Fencing publication - historical fencing articles, six month old results and a couple of whinging letters from people who hardly fence anymore)

Whoops... feeling bitter right now! :-)

-8th May 2003, 15:05

Bad day at the office, dear?:(

-8th May 2003, 16:26
Bad few weeks at the office, o haggisy one. Should clear up when I move jobs though.

I hope.

When's the last time *you* were impressed by an issue of The Point, anyway? :)

-8th May 2003, 18:17
The point that would be the very thin publication with not much in it that i sometime get sent to me and goes straight into my filing system at the bottom of by bench?